Battlefield 1 Release Date Revealed

Update: Battlefield 1 will launch on October 21st 2016 and not October 18th!

This newest promotional poster has now revealed that Battlefield 1 will be released on the 18th of October 2016.

The World War One setting was rumoured a couple of weeks back and we even reported on it, which you can read here. The rumour was first spotted on NeoGaf, and the store listing lists October 25 as a release date. It includes the description “Mehrspieler Taktik Shooter im 1. Weltkrieg” which translates to “Multiplayer tactical shooter in WW1”.

In that same article, I went on to explain some of the problems with such a setting being a fit for the Battlefield series as a student of History myself:

 If this is true, it could prove to be a huge risk for DICE and EA. As someone who studies History, the Great War could be difficult to be the setting for a full-fledged Battlefield game due to the simple limitation of weapons and vehicles that were avaliable during WW1. Tanks were only really introduced in the battlefield during the Battle of the Somme and even then only 35 tanks took part in the battle, with many of those breaking down. The point is, with a series where a blend of ground and vehicular warfare is part of the games DNA, WW1 could be difficult for DICE to fit a Battlefield game in. Further, WW1 was focused on the use of trench warfare where it might be harder to imagine much of Battlefield’s explosive action could be replicated very well.
 However, one clue in the teaser that has conjured a new theory for me is the shadow looming over the soldier in the teaser. If he is indeed standing up, it must be something pretty large to shroud him in its shadow. As per the era, it could indeed be a Zeppelin. The German strategic bombing campaign involved bombing which was generally referred to as “Zeppelin raids” But what if it’s an alternative history setting? Similar to the Wolfenstein games where perhaps the tech was more advanced in an alternative timeline, thus being more suited to Battlefield’s style.

Do you think Battlefield 5 will be taking us back to World War One? Would you be happy to go back that far or do you want a modern/futuristic setting?

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  1. it has to be an alternative reality with futuristic tech and a return to destructible environments otherwise, i mean does anyone know how crappy world war one was? all i know is the tanks are going to blow.

    • Yeah, the worst part of WWI was how crappy the tanks were.

      That was the worst part.

      Of the war.

      • definitely!

  2. The title makes sense though given that it’s the first game in the timeline within the series so far. Personally i think it’s just fucking brilliant tbh. Smart marketing too. Give us something we don’t expect. Everyone EXPECTED Battlefield 5.

  3. hyyyyyyype

  4. Looks and sounds amazing. So far has surpassed my expectations.
    Certainly puts these guys to shame….

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