Xbox One Owners Will Get Battlefield 1 Before Anyone Else via EA Access

It’s safe to say Battlefield has generated a huge amount of hype in the week leading up to the world reveal today. In their world reveal stream, EA and DICE have revealed that they’ve partnered with Microsoft’s Xbox One in a marketing deal and with EA Access which will see the game release first on the Xbox One system.

The twitter user @blueisviolet leaked the existence of some sort of deal in an earlier tweet:

In their GDC 2016 presentation, you can see DICE praises the Xbox One’s support of switching PSOs with ExecuteIndirect. The Battlefield team has praised DX12 before and it seems that they’ll be able to squeeze even more from the Xbox One hardware.

For those not very technically savvy, all you need to know is that DirectX 12 comes packed in with a developer controlled Shader Cache. The cache in DX12 is 100% at the dispense of the developers themselves. This means that teams using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO),  can specify a flag to cache the output and then make a PSO. The API will then give a fully compiled binary representation of all hardware instructions, so all the heavy weight and expensive computations would have been completed by then. In short, it lets them get more out of the Xbox One’s hardware due to efficiencies gained in the DX12 API in both GPU and CPU performance which might allow a more stable frame rate as an example.

This might also lead to a DLC deal but we’ll probably hear more about that at E3.



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