Why 2017 is the Right Time for Nintendo to Release the NX

Nintendo has announced that the NX is due to be released sometime in March of 2017, but this date just seems so far away — do we really need to wait this long? If Nintendo wants the NX to be a success, then yes: 2017 is the perfect time for Nintendo to unleash their latest console onto the world. As we saw with the Wii U’s and 3DS’s relatively weak launches, it is vital that Nintendo treats the NX’s launch with utmost care, carefully planning every step they take.

wii ad

The Wii’s “Wii Would Like to Play” ads were memorable.

While we would all love for the NX to be released as soon as possible, the truth of the matter is, we know next to nothing about it. Releasing it anytime this year would not give us — as consumers — much time to learn about it either. Nintendo needs the time to slowly reveal information about the NX while building up excitement. The distant release date also gives Nintendo ample amount of time to market the NX properly — to ingrain it into our brains. The purpose of marketing is to build recognition of a product. If the NX fails to advertise itself and build the proper recognition it needs to sell successfully on its launch, the NX would end up being yet another terrible launch for Nintendo. Timing is absolutely crucial and is not a factor that should be taken lightly; releasing the NX in 2017 allows for Nintendo to properly prepare for the NX’s release all while avoiding another disaster.

Wii Sport You Sport I Sport

Wii Sports was a very attractive launch title for the Wii.

Above everything else though, the NX needs launch titles. The NX certainly will not get off of the ground without any good launch titles. For this, Nintendo should take all the time that it needs to develop the proper support the NX needs for it to be a success. Rushing their console onto the market will only hurt them in the long run. By releasing the NX in March of 2017, Nintendo is allocating a sufficient amount of time to not only develop quality launch titles but also market them, building even more anticipation. If the NX were to hypothetically release this year, there would be no reason for someone to go out of their way to buy a new console if there isn’t anything to play or anything worth mentioning to play. Nintendo needs to give us, the consumers, a reason to be excited and to buy the NX. This kind of excitement cannot be created overnight; it needs to be methodically built over time.

Time is everything and it does not seem like Nintendo is taking this lightly; they seem to be doing everything they can to not have a repeat of the Wii U’s launch. Hopefully Nintendo has learned from their past mistakes and are taking them into consideration as the NX’s launch date slowly approaches. Until then, we can only wait and hope Nintendo played their cards right.

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