DOOM’s Huge Day One Update Size Revealed, Servers Are Not Online Yet

Like all new releases, DOOM will have a day one update to download as soon as you put the disc in. The download however isn’t the usual small sized download. It is actually a 5.739 GB download which could take some time to download for some players. No word yet on the patch notes for this huge update.


Also people with the game early have revealed that the servers are not up yet, but they could be up soon as DOOM will be launching in a few hours in Australia. Similar to how people with early copies of The Division could play online on the Monday before release because of the servers going up worldwide as soon as it hit 12am Tuesday in Australia.

We will make sure to keep you updated on the day one patch along with server news for DOOM.

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  1. I don’t know what to be more suprised at. The fact that doom has an over 5gb day one patch or that whoever is downloading it can do it in 18 minutes. Wish I had a connection that fast and I really dislike day one patches. Especially huge ones.

  2. Was just about to purchase this title but when I heard I was going to fight demons from hell I said to myself why bother?? I’ve been married twice and fight with demons from hell on a daily basis…. Seriously though…………. don’t get married. Unless its a deaf mute with double Dees and trust fund. Also, blind is a must. On a lighter note Doom looks great.

  3. This patch isn’t required to play the campaign.

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