Rumour: Nintendo NX To Be Powered By NVIDIA Tegra Processor

We are still yet to hear a lot back in regards of the new Nintendo NX handheld console, and the list of solid details is lacking however a lot of speculation and rumours have been cropping up in regards to the console, mainly in retrospect of the system specifications and the unique features it has to offer. Amongst the circulating rumours, one rather interesting one is about the processing chip that is to be used in the handheld device.

Nintendo NX potential console design

According to SemiAccurate, the device is rumoured to be using an Nvidia Tegra-based system on chip (SoC). Another rumour is that the team at Nvidia were told to get their chip in a console ‘no matter what‘ and there was a supposed deal that Nintendo were very favourable over – however we do not have details on it. Alas, the article on SemiAccurate is purely available to subscribers of the site, however NeoGAF forum member Fourth Storm had kindly provided a short summary of what the article entails:

  • Though Nvidia downplayed console margins, their pride was hurt by the loss in console contracts. All the talk about “focusing on Shield” was a cover for the fact that MS and Sony had soured on them and would not enter negotiations.
  • Nvidia team was told to get a console win or “go home.” Enter Nintendo, who apparently made off very well in this deal. This to the point that SemiAccurate questions whether this is a “win” at all for Nvidia.
  • SA has heard that Nvidia are promising software, support, and the whole shebang at a very low cost. According to one source, Nvidia may even be taking a loss on this deal. (Take the second sentence here with an extra portion of salt)
  • Not mentioned which generation of Tegra or which process node will be used or when the handheld is scheduled for release.
  • No mention of the home console, but we can speculate what that might be and who might provide the chipset for that one.

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This is one of the more promising rumours for the Nintendo NX and Nvidia, as AMD managed to get a strong grasp on the current generation consoles with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One both using an AMD chip in their systems. This would be somewhat peculiar to have Nvidia back in the handheld market although with their prevalent background in PC gaming, we have high hopes.

The Nintendo NX console is due for release sometime during March 2017 in all regions.

What would you like to see in the upcoming console? Are you concerned it might not reach the high hopes it is destined for or perhaps the hype for the console will have died down by the time it’s released? Let us know down below!

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  1. Yea, cool thought that NVIDIA will be the force behind the NX. But without knowing what model or even a release date for said console, there’s not much to go on except speculation…

    • Hopefully we see the Tegra being involved with the NX regardless. It’ll be good to see Nvidia in a different light instead of graphics cards and going down a different route like this, but that being said E3 is only a month away!

      • I wouldn’t expect to hear anything about it during E3. Nintendo has said that they won’t be unveiling the NX that week. I’m still excited for E3, though!

        • Ah! Fair enough, guess we’ll have to wait and see then – but E3 will be pretty damn good, can’t wait.

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