Call Of Duty: Black Ops Backwards Compatibility Error Fixes And List Of Issues,

While we are all happy that Black Ops is finally on Xbox One via backwards compatibility, sadly there are some issues which can be fixed. We are going to post some fixes for the most common Black Ops backwards compatibility issues.

Black Ops Disc Not Being Recognized Or Not Showing Up In “Ready To Install List”

With this error, it’s recommended to hard reset your Xbox One by doing the following.

  • Make sure the Xbox One console is on
  • Hold the power button for 10 seconds
  • The Xbox One should turn off after the 10 seconds, if it has you can then turn it back on
  • Check and see if the disc is now being recognized or if the game is in the ready to install list


If you have any specific issues or if anything isn’t listed here just let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. It’s not letting me play online

  2. My boyfriend logged in with his profile and he won’t let me load mine. Keeps saying not available. try again later.

  3. I was excited after work to go onto the Xbox One dashboard and download Black Ops. I went into Xbox360 games available and clicked on Black Ops. When i went to click download i kept getting an error message that says Download is not available at this time. The error code i got was 0x8150020. I could not seem to find any information on this. If i clicked on another Xbox360 game to buy and download, i had no issues. HELP!

    • Better off getting the disc it’s only 10 at gamestop

    • buy from and then the digital DL will be available on your Xbox1, it says the price is 32.99 but once I clicked buy it said the price is 9.99 and thats all they charged me.

      • I tried this, had to change my phone number before I could buy it which takes a full month. Can’t buy the disk for much less than original price either.

        • G2A has a decent price on the game $13ish

      • I have this exact same problem, but it won’t even let me buy it on, it says I need to do it from my xbox, but from my xbox it says I need to do it from, or my 360, which I sold already. Help?

  4. It’s not letting me connect to the server

    • Not letting me either

  5. I have all DLC installed but it wont let me play them… Anyone know why

  6. Can’t stay connected to servers or when I do connect my level isn’t there and can not search for a game please someone help me!!!

  7. I did exactly what you said but it didn’t work

  8. It says that it does not recognize the disc and won’t let me install.

  9. Every time i get in the game it disconnects me from XBL , any idea of why?

  10. Not able to join anybody’s party to play. Everything else works just fine.

  11. Not letting me connect to severs. Says servers are down

    • Im having the same problem bro.

  12. Cant see all my friends. And we cant join up together. Even through the home screen

    • If you have a friend -on the ‘old’ non-updated 360 friend’s list- in common with the ‘new’ friend you are trying to play with, then you can pull up their gamercard and go to “view friends.” From there find the friend and “Join Session in Progress.” Hope this is helpful.

  13. I’ve

  14. I have tried multiple times to connect to the server and it says the server is not available at the time. I’ve had this problem for a while now and can’t figure out how to fix this. It won’t let me connect to the multiplayer or zombies

    • Same with me I need help

  15. Anyone else getting the “this game isn’t playable here” message? When you go to “install disc”

    • Yea i do how do u fix it

      • Yes I get it alot and I’m tryna know how to fix it but I can’t seem to find a way

    • got a fix yet?

  16. Two of my DLC’s are not popping up in the ready to install list. Is there anyway I could fix this without purchasing them again?

  17. Ok, I can sign into my xbox 1 account and then go onto the game but it says something about my Internet connection and then doesn’t let me play online. I have tried switching my xbox 1 on and off multiple times and can assure you, there is nothing wrong with my Internet connection.

    • Same thing is happening with mine

  18. I download3d black ops on my xb1 with the disc in console. When I go to retrieve my 360 account through the multi-player menu, it stops downloading my profile at 1/8 of the way and gives me an error code. Help please??

    • I have the same problem

  19. When i go to the back compat store it says that is is bundle only and when i look at the bundles with cod black ops nothing shows up

  20. When I go to put in black ops it says that it is not compatible for Xbox one
    Help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Just keeps saying I’m not allowed and dont have the right account

  22. Servers not available. Have a digital copy.

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