Doom (2016) Review (Xbox One)

Bethesda & ID Software have finally released the next installment of the Doom franchise known simply as Doom. I’ve had my hands on the game since release date and have clocked in 20 hours of gameplay, reached level 10 in multiplayer, completed the campaign, and played around with SnapMap. Now, for ThisGenGaming’s official Doom Review.


The campaign starts out and puts you into action immediately, which I found pretty cool as it didn’t weigh itself down with long boring cut-scenes. The story here is pretty simple, you play as the Doom Marine from the previous titles and your goal is to stop the invasion of demons from Hell into the planet of Mars. I’m not going to go into too much detail as I don’t want to spoil the game for those who are currently playing or people who may want to play in the future.

The game has many weapons that you will discover through the campaign and they all feel great to shoot. I also enjoy the movement system which feels very fluid. Some may complain about the lack of a sprint feature but I had no problem with it. On the graphic side of things the game looked great on the Xbox One unit I was playing on. The game had no issues with frame-rate or quality dip.

The story wasn’t too amazing but wasn’t bad at all. I still had a blast playing the game and enjoyed using the new Glory Kill system that ID has implemented into the game. The system helped me strategize the best way to kill each type of enemy. The enemies all were very interesting and I very much enjoyed slaying them.

After a while of playing the mission objectives started to become repetitive and kinda bugged me but didn’t ruin the experience. The game was a challenge to me though and I found myself yelling at the TV wondering why I died which furthermore made me wanna complete the campaign. Easter Eggs made the campaign even better as it gives players an opportunity to replay the campaign if they missed some.

Overall, Doom had a more amazing campaign than I expected. Although the story and objectives weren’t that great, it was made up for in the gameplay department. Doom scores a 9/10 in the Campaign section.


After completing the campaign I put some time into the Multiplayer of Doom. Things started out fun and fresh and I played several games of Soul Harvest and enjoyed myself. I played each of the other game modes and then things became kinda dull and very repetitive.

The game modes are mostly reskins of game modes in games such as Call of Duty or Halo. The taunts are ok but are similar if not the same as what you would find in Call of Duty. The Armor customization system feels copied from Halo 5 and isn’t as great. The coloring of the armor is the only cool thing about it. The best thing and most creative thing in the multiplayer are the Hack Modules which add some cool experiences but there isn’t that many of them and you will eventually find yourself having already used every single one available in the game.

The maps given are pretty small but aren’t all bad. The teleporters in some maps are kinda cool to use but aren’t mind blowing. The one thing I found myself loving the most was the ability to turn into a demon and slay the members of the enemy team. The only bad thing about the feature is that there aren’t many demons to choose from, as a matter of fact there’s only 4 to choose from.

Overall, the Doom multiplayer was a nice touch but didn’t live up to the hype that many had for the it.
Doom scores a 6/10 in the multiplayer section of the game.


SnapMap takes multiplayer and makes it ten times better. The creation tools are nice to use and feel very stable. The amount of maps that can be made feels endless and the ability to play with others on the user created maps is just amazing.

I didn’t play much of SnapMap as I probably should of but I did make a small map and played around with it. I found that I could pretty much do what I wanted and customize Doom to my liking. I believe that SnapMap is the most creative aspect about the entire Doom game and really expands the game past the campaign.

Overall, SnapMap is a nice addition to an already packed game and gets the score of 9/10.

Doom is a game that focuses on having a kickass campaign and tries to have a fun multiplayer but doesn’t. The game also gives us a nice feature known as SnapMap that I didn’t expect to be so good. Doom isn’t perfect but it surely isn’t a bad game. If you are looking for a different type of shooter or just a new game to add to the shelf, then Doom is an excellent choice. If you are looking for a multiplayer experience that will blow you away, then Doom probably isn’t a good choice.

Final Score: 8/10

Are you planning on picking up Doom or already have it? Let us know down below.

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