There’s Over 60,000 People Playing Call Of Duty: Black Ops Online

Call Of Duty games always seem to have a decent number of players online, even for the oldest Call Of Duty games, but since Black Ops became backwards compatible the number of people playing online has exploded. Before backwards compatibility was officially announced for Call Of Duty Black Ops, it was said there was “less than 5000 people” on the servers but quickly jumped to 20,000 within an hour.

As you can see in this image below, the number has reached 63,000 within a few hours with even more players expected online as people are purchasing the game once again and waiting for delivery of the game.


Are you one of the close to 65,000 people currently playing on Black Ops? Let us know in the comments section below.


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  1. it was said there was “less than 5000 people” on the servers

    Who are you quoting?

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