Call of Duty: Black Ops Proves Sceptics Wrong About The Popularity Of Backwards Compatibility

Call of Duty: Black Ops was hinted at for backwards compatibility as far back as late last year and since then it has remained one of the most highly requested games that fans have wanted for backwards compatibility. Yesterday the game became available on the Xbox One via backwards compatibility and since then it has absolutely exploded. The game has received a lot of media buzz and attention from big CoD youtuber’s and it has climbed the charts by 1000’s of spots.

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On top of that, the game reached a max player count upwards of 70,000 active players last night which is pretty insane considering it was only at around 3000 as the leak started making the rounds. Call of Duty: Black Ops is now available to play via Xbox One Backwards Compatibility and is also included in a new Deals with Gold Xbox 360 selection where you can grab the digital version of the game at a reduction of 75% so grab it before the deal is over.

There’s no solid proof of correlation between Black Ops becoming Backwards Compatible on the Xbox One but in the last 24 hours alone, Xbox One console sales have gone up by 92% on the UK Amazon store and 43% on the US Amazon store, both above the PS4 in the ‘movers and shakers’ category.

Are you currently enjoying the classic boots on the ground Black Ops on Xbox One thanks to backwards compatibility? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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  1. It’s very useful. I enjoy playing the old games.

  2. Thank you Phil Spencer, Mike Ybarra, Aaron Greenberg and the entire Xbox team by providing backwards compatibility. I wouldn’t be surprise when Crackdown 3 comes out they will sell a custom Xbox One console edition including the first Crackdown games via backwards compatibility.

  3. i just dont get the hype for BC loool… i just dont understand the mentality of buying something new to enjoy the old! I appreciate the option, but to have it as a selling point is just a no for me.

    • @disqus_jk72p6Teqn:disqus

      Agreed, backwards compatibility is nice to have, not a system seller.

  4. Yeah this evidence you point to is anecdotal and given the popularity of Black Ops I wouldn’t suspect this “backwards compatibility” hallmark will be matched or beat any time soon.

    Check back in 30 days once everyone starts to realize there is newer stuff to play. 🙂

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