Will Activision be Forced to Reprint Call of Duty: Black Ops After the Massive Resurgence in Sales?

It was only yesterday that the Xbox team revealed Black Ops was available via backwards compatiblity, and since then it’s been met by crazy demand in UK stores. The demand is actually so high in game retailers in the UK that stores that sell new and used copies of the game are completely out of stock. For a game that was originally released back in 2010, that’s certainly very impressive.

Here’s just some of the stores that have completely sold out in the UK:






We saw a similar situation happen in 2014 when EA’s Skate 3 was reprinted after a massive boost in sales thanks to PewDiePie’s coverage of the game. Just like how gamers were  heading out in droves to buy Skate 3 after it’s resurgence, Black Ops on Xbox 360 has enjoyed a similar boost to sales and active users.

Yesterday the game became available on the Xbox One via backwards compatibility and since then it has absolutely exploded. The game has received a lot of media buzz and attention from big CoD youtuber’s and it has climbed the charts by 1000’s of spots.

On top of that, the game reached a max player count upwards of 70,000 active players last night which is pretty insane considering it was only at around 3000 as the leak started making the rounds. Call of Duty: Black Ops is now available to play via Xbox One Backwards Compatibility and is also included in a new Deals with Gold Xbox 360 selection where you can grab the digital version of the game at a reduction of 75% so grab it before the deal is over.

There’s sufficient reason here to hypothesize that Activision might actually be forced to reprint Call of Duty: Black Ops if the demand continues the way it is.

Are you currently enjoying Black Ops on Xbox One thanks to Backwards Compatibility? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Wishful thinking at best. They would be stupid to do physical media, if they did anything it would be digital.

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