WWE 2K17 New Match Types, The Asylum Match DLC?

Now these matches aren’t going to be technically “new” as some have been featured in WWE games before, but were removed. I am also only going to choose realistic match types, which are still on WWE TV. When 2K made the jump to PS4/Xbox One, for some reason a lot of match types didn’t appear in WWE 2K15 and WWE 2K16. We hope some of these matches mentioned can return in WWE 2K17.

Ambulance Match (NEW… Kind of)

The Ambulance Match has never been in a WWE console game (It was a Nintendo DS exclusive one year) and it should be in the series because ever since 2012, it’s been used pretty much once per year which means it’s enough to include in the WWE 2K series. I’m guessing if it was in, it would work similar to the Buried Alive Match that was in a few WWE games were you had to button mash to close the casket. In this case you would be button mashing to close the ambulance door.

2/3 Falls – 3 Stages Of Hell

Now this match type is one that was featured in WWE games as far back as the PS2 era, and hasn’t been seen in the games recently. 2/3 matches are common on WWE TV, although the 3 stages of hell version is much rarer but still seen enough in the modern era of WWE to be worthy of putting in the game. With the upgraded presentation in WWE 2K16 (no loading between entrances) we could see a 2/3 falls or 3 stages of hell match in WWE 2K17 that uses this slick presentation, and matches will start as soon as the other ends.

Asylum Match (NEW) 

Could 2K get this match in WWE 2K17? Unlikely. There’s no chance (in hell) that this match will be on the day one discs of WWE 2K17. It could however be included as DLC, which would be the first ever time that a match type has been DLC in a WWE game before. Due to the way the match works, it would need to add new animations to the game which could make it not possible to be added as a DLC, but there’s always a chance.

Triple Threat Tag Team Matches 

Now this one should have been back in WWE games years ago, it was cut from WWE games starting from WWE Smackdown Vs. RAW 2009 for a unknown reason. Fans have wanted this match type back as soon as it was taken out of the game many years ago. Triple threat tag matches are very common in WWE so this is one of the most important match types that needs to be added in WWE 2K17 for presentation reasons along with it being a really fun match type too.

Stretcher Match (NEW)

Now this is another rare but still seen on current day WWE TV. The last stretcher match was almost 2 years ago, but has been a match type for many, many years. It’s never however been in a WWE game ever, so it would be great to finally play a stretcher match in WWE 2K17. I could imagine this being a pretty fun match type to play too.

Which match types  would you like to see make the cut in WWE 2K17? Let us know in the comments section below.

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