Techland Making Two New Games, One Might Be Dying Light 2

The studio behind the huge zombie survival game Dying Light, Techland, announced in Poland earlier this week that they’d be working on two new games. One of the new IPs being developed would be an open-world fantasy game with some RPG elements, CEO Paweł Marchewka mentioned, “maybe in a slightly bigger sense than Dying Light … [but] it’s RPG elements rather than RPG game” – the new IP will also have both co-op multiplayer and single player as we’ve seen before in Techland’s previous work.

The other new game that we haven’t heard much of, also being developed by Techland in Wrocław has yet to be named. However Wrocław is the same studio who were responsible for the smash-hit, Dying Light as opposed to another studio in Warsaw who will be producing the aforementioned RPG-like game.

Screenshot from Dying Light DLC, The Following

Marchewka also went onto mentioning “Dying Light 2” whilst answering a question in regards to Dead Island 2 due to the relationship between Techland and Deep Silver was resolved, Techland will also be remaking Dead Island for PC, PS4 and Xbox One using the same engine used in Dying Light.

When questioned about making a Dead Island 2, he basically just said “No.” in a talk EuroGamer had with the company following the announcement. “We had a talk about it but I think Dying Light and Dying Light 2 would be games which are…”, PR manager Anna Lada-Grodzicka continued on the comments with: “The Dying Light brand is more important for us.”, it’s no secret that Dying Light has been more successful than Dead Island with the number of sales it has achieved and the players it has. Sumo Digital has instead taken charge of Dead Island 2.

Both of the announced games have, at the current time, been in development for around a year and Techland is a team of about 300 people, roughly dividing their forces between Wrocław and Warsaw. Marchewka also added that both games are “equally big projects” with an estimation of release within the next three years.

Dying Light screenshot, fighting one of the harder zombies.

There had been assumptions from the announcement of the fantasy RPG game that a re-purposed Hellraid was being produced. However Marchewka pretty confidently said “No.” when the question about if the IP was to be related to this, he also added:

“I mean maybe there are some technical elements … there will be probably some knowledge from that, but no it had nothing to do with it, no.”

“Hellraid is still there … it is sitting on the shelf. We just had this great idea that we wanted to explore before. We’re not sure how we handle it but we are thinking about Hellraid, how to continue with that game.

“There are different possibilities … Maybe some other developer we can trust can take it and collaborating with us, delivering it to us so we can just publish it. That’s why I’m not closed with this – I’m open for some options.”

As well as this, Call of Juarez, the cowboy shooter IP that Techland have owned for a few years could also also be returning once they ‘come up with something’, “At the moment we have no solutions for that but maybe we can come up with something,” Marchewka said – fingers crossed.

We will update you on the matter once we gain some information furthering this, however until then are you happy with the speculation of Dying Light returning as a sequel? Did you enjoy the first and did you play the DLC, The Following? What kind of RPG game do you think Techland will produce? We’d love to hear from you down below in the comments!


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