Fallout 4: Far Harbor Bugs/Glitches List, Invisible Glitch Fix, Updates, And More

While players have been mostly positive towards the latest Fallout 4 DLC offering, Far Harbor. The one issue that is causing some negativity is the amount of glitches and technical issues within the game.

Here is a list of currently known Fallout 4: Far Harbor glitches and bugs.

  • Players are reporting that their character is invisible, and unable to get their save back without the invisibility glitch.
  • It’s been reported that the invisible glitch is happening when eavesdropping in a certain quest.
  • Infinite loading screens have been also been reported.
  • Users are reporting a simulation quest glitch, which made the quest impossible to finish.

We will make sure to keep updating this list of issues. If you have a glitch or bug that isn’t mentioned in the list then please let us know in the comments section below so we can add it to the list.


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  1. simulation quest glitch

  2. First off, SPOILERS if you haven’t played Far Harbor yet, this is for the last mission. I played through the DLC, and completed every side mission for the Harbormen, Children of Atom, and Acadia. I convince DiMA to turn himself in and travel to Far Harbor to complete the mission. When I get there DiMA is surrounded by everyone but saying nothing, I talk to him but all he says is “I’m gambling the lives of my people” over and over and nothing changes. I looked up a video of how it should work and notice that Captain Avery is there in the video, but not in my game. No matter how many times I reload my game save she never comes back. I decide to tell Far Harbor that Avery is a synth and get the objective to talk to Avery. But she’s still no where to be found. All this to say, I saw on the Steam forums you could just use console commands to bring her back but since this is Xbox One, I can’t do that. So I guess what I’m asking is, is there any way to bring her back? Or will I have to revert back to a save from before I started Far Harbor? Because that will suck to redo 8+ hours of gameplay.

    • I had the Captain Avery and Mariner side quests active and when I went and killed the “Red Death” I came back to the island to turn in the other quest line to Avery. She was nowhere to be found. I had that quest marked as active and the quest marker was literally on top of me no matter where I traveled. It looked like the marker was in front of me but on the map it was on top of me. Got so sick of it I reverted back to before red death and turned in Avery’s first. Try to find a save of before you spoke to Dima and choose a different option or something. I am currently glitched on the mission after that where Kasumi won’t say what she’s supposed to.

  3. I’m my game the ground is invisible and the frame rates dips are extremely noticeable.

    • I have the same problem as well. I also can’t unlock the “Just Add Saltwater” achievement even if I’ve already cooked Poached Angler and Fried Fog Crawler. (Xbox One) 🙁

  4. In my Bug, Kazumi is located in GoodNeighbors/Third Rail and i must report about DiMas plan but she is pissed and do not speak with me…GameBreaker 🙁

  5. In my Bug, Kazumi is located in GoodNeighbors/Third Rail and i must report about DiMas plan but she is pissed and do not speak with me…GameBreaker 🙁 I think thats a AI-Position Bug…The AI-Nick V.tells me about my home”here in DiamondCity” but we located in Arcadia…Kazumi located in GN/Third Rail but why…Normaly she stays in Arcadia,downstairs…for me it is not playable :´(

  6. My game, on pc, weather or not it is a new game, has the save and quick save options grayed out and i am unable to save, i also noticed that the console function is in-op, however im not sure why.

    (started day of first far harbor game load up)

  7. When trying to do the mission “the great hunt” I get a permenant black screen untill I reload back to a save before going onto my boat and starting the mission.

  8. Ps4 after leaving Arcadia can’t renter

  9. PC Far Harbor Forbidden Knowledge the institute synths that teleport in disspear after teleporting in making the quest unfinishable

    • I have the same Problem……

  10. Nick valentine completely disappeared after the ‘Reunion’ quest. He suggested I talk to piper and now he’s gone. Not even in game anymore.

  11. Captain Avery’s completely gone, making certain quests unfinishable

  12. the radio station used to find ship dealer won’t stop playing after I killed it. And there isn’t a radio station to turn off. Annoying.

    • Shipbreaker*

  13. Skin/texture rendering. Showing odd walls/doors that you can walk right through.

    Also had a bug where my guns did no damage. Had to fully close and restart game

    This is Xbox one.

  14. Went back to the Commonwealth (Starlight drive in) to retrieve a few things and a robot companion.

    Sent Nick Valentine to Old Longfellow’s cabin.

    He never showed.

    Went back to Commonwealth. Checked Starlight. Nick Valentine not there. Rang settler bell. Nick Valentine not among them. Went to Diamond city. Checked Nick’s office. Not there.

    Nick has now vanished, not in either the Commonwealth or Far Harbor. If I was on PC I could use console commands to get him back, but I am on PS4.

    • I’ve had the exact same problem, sent Nick to Longfellow’s cabin and he seemingly vanished, i went and checked every settlement in Far Harbor and the Commonwealth and he was nowhere to be found, i’m guessing he’s stuck on something somewhere in Far Habor but because companions aren’t marked on the map like they were in New Vegas i’ve no idea where.
      It happened with Old Longfellow too on the Great Hunt Quest but i noticed soon enough that i could reload a save to fix it

      • I found my Nick Valentine!

        If you’re at the point in the game where you would go to Doctor Amari to do the memory retrieval quest, Nick will ignore your command to go to a settlement and instead go to the Memory Den in Goodneighbor. Check there.

        • I’ve already done that quest a long time ago and i’ve already checked there anyway, he wasn’t there

  15. Glitch in quest: Close to home:
    After convincing Dima to turn himself in at Far Harbor, the quest “Close to Home” started in which you are supposed to take Kasumi Nakano back home. The beginning of the quest consists of you returning to Acadia to talk to her; however everytime I try she just says “come and talk to me when this is all over”.
    Anyway, needless to say this is incredibly annoying and I have tried everything I can think of (waiting, sleeping, fast traveling, reverting to a save right before turning in Dima) and I can not fix it. PLEASE let me know if you find a way to resolve this so I don’t have an endless quest.

    • i’m having the same problem!

    • Did you ever find a fix? Same problem :/

  16. Xbox ONE

    INVISIBLE ITEMS GLITCHES – no armor seen on Dogmeat when he has it equipped; dc guards have NO HELMS but only underhelm overlay

  17. Red Death quest, it is pitch dark, impossible to see anything. Shipbreaker, either can’t start quest or can’t complete it.

  18. I have a problem with The quest (Turn Back the Fog) the ghouls in the lake do not come out. i cant not finish the quest XS.

  19. PC. Can’t even get to the Nakano residence, it disappears out of the map area as i get north of Coastal Cottage. Then i can hear some Raiders kicking off and Nick Valentine constantly runs across the screen right to left. Hmmm.

  20. I cant complete one of the last quests because it seems that avery is despawned..

  21. Far Harbor quest The Hold Out will not complete on PS4

    • You may have to place some actual defenses like a couple turrets at the Visitor’s Center settlement if it’s not letting you talk to Uncle Ken after you killed all the invading enemies

      • I have several turrets around the visitor’s center. I can talk to Uncle Ken and he just keeps saying “They will be coming any time now”.

        • I have killed the trappers already but Ken keeps saying “They will be coming any time now”.

          • Yep, me too.

  22. Although the game acknowledges that Far Harbor is installed in the add-ons tab in the main menu and I’ve cleared all pre-requisites (Nick as companion), nothing else has changed.

    There’s no pop-up for a new quest or new radio station, and Ellie continues repeating lines about previous Nick quests. Does anyone else have this problem? PS4

  23. Im in power armor and once I got to the nucleus command center to get into DiMas memories through that machine, it says I have to exit my power armor. So I do, then I go back to access the machine, and it still says I have to get out of my power armor. Im on Xbox One.

  24. When using the terminal to play the simulation game to retrieve Dima’s memories ( i already have the first two so i’m trying to access the 3rd one) it freezes on a black screen after the normal loading screen and after the workbench sound.

    • Same problem on level 5 of Dima’s memories…

    • Same here mate :s i get it if i enter the last memory, freezes at black screen, god damnit, quicksave option should be possible inside the memory

  25. I have gotten to the part where Allen is going to confront Avery and the whole of far harbour is watching but they’re just standing there. I can’t talk to anyone as it says they are busy. Anyone else had this? Allen keeps repeating “you think the mainlanders gonna help ya?”
    I can attack everyone and kill people (obviously they turn against me) but other than that the game is stuck.

  26. When i tried to get in the Nucleus, the word show up from the door is red colour instead of green(in normal case). After I got inside, the children attack me and i cant do a damn thing

    • Have you joined them yet? If not, that’s why. You need to join them in order to gain access to their stuff.

  27. Sometimes Companions Or/and Pearl don’t follow out of Far Harbour For The Detective Case

  28. Got a glitch where I can’t shoot anyone the bullets just go through the npc’s and I get to the vim factory and i can’t access it I just walk through the door into the shell of the building in the main world I’ve gone back loading old saves but can’t get rid of the bug aaarrrrrggggghhh

  29. 100% Shipbreaker signal. Nothing there. Station is greyed out. Honestly I think it was the giant thing I killed when I first got to the island. ?

  30. (Xbone) During the Far From Home quest, I can’t get to the Nakano Residence because the game still has an invisible wall in the way with the message “you cannot go that way”. Also I sometimes get the invisible glitch after going into the memory machines in the memory den, but a quick save and exit and coming back fixes it.

  31. I started a new game with the mods I downloaded. I was visible when I went into Kellogg’s memories, I came out invisible. What gives? I have NO Stealth Boys in my inventory, no stealth anything, so how do I fix this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    • had the same issue twice over, im trying to come up with a fix but nothign yet, the biggest issue is that is pollutes your past save, as we speak ive just loaded my save back up and im visible again, tell me do you have the cheat menu mod installed? if so I moved it down my load order but before that I did a proper save and quit and then reloaded and I was visible sorry if this was confusing I was trying to find a fix as I typed lol

      • My son downloaded a cheat mod, but I have it disabled when I play, would that still cause an issue?

    • To fix the problem with being invisible I just went to my mods and changed the load order of a random mod. Doing this causes the game to reload all your save files and fixes the invisibility

  32. I’ve had a glitch happen where I can’t talk to any npcs or people in general in game….. Whenever I talk to someone I need to talk to for a mission or something they only say their greeting and nothing’s else theres no other options or any more conversation they just keep repeating thier greeting. This just randomly started happening, please help!

    • are you using mods?

  33. I have a glitch where during the rite of passage quest, I threw meat into the water and killed a wave of baddies, and did this once again. Now The? Or has disappeared from my compass and map, there are no batteries or NPC’s in the area other than my companion and the witness. I even searched nearby locations and a good distance in all directions. But still the quest will not complete, on the quest menu it tells me I must kill all the Mirelurks. But like I said there are none left to kill. Is there something I am missing, or maybe a way to reset the quest? I am on a pc

    • I have this same glitch. Anyone know anyway to fix it?

  34. The quest “where you belong” will not complete. I talked to Dima but the quest didnt complete. American ideals wqs started but since the game thinks i didnt talk to dima, they just keep telling me to talk to him. And when I talk to him it doesn’t complete.

  35. Ok my game glitched just as i finished subduing the synths at Acadia in fallout 4 and now i hv to speak to Doctor Moseley. The marker shows where he’s at but since it glitched i cnt see him. How do i fix it to where i cn see and speak to Doctor Moseley?

  36. Sentries will not destroy anything in order to collect data in my glitch so they are just eternally shooting things

  37. Dogmeat is stuck in invisible but shows commands

  38. The visitor center in Far Harbor is the only settlement where the settlers attack me when I am trying to build as in if I want to scraps items and turn into something else they randomly shoot at me thinking I am an enemy and that is including my companion.

  39. I have built a big settlement at Longfellow’s Cabin, totally surrounded by solid walls, but during attacks, whatever supermutants, raiders , trappers, etc, they appear from nowhere, , straight into the settlement. The worst part is they are “trapped” and fighting with the settlers into the foundation blocks of the building. I cannot take part in the action, and some of the quests when I must defend the settlement I must disassembly the foundation to reach and kill those motherf—–rs, allowing by that to finish the quest . That´s very annoying for sure!

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