Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC Review And Impressions

Far Harbor is the 3rd piece of DLC for the hit game Fallout 4 and is the biggest one so far. The DLC takes place in a new part of the game world known as Far Harbor, Maine. Here’s ThisGenGaming’s early impressions and review of Far Harbor. Warning there are spoilers ahead.

As soon as you boot up the game the player is treated with a new quest. The player toons into the new Valentine Detective Agency Radio Station. The player is asked to help a couple find their lost daughter. The player heads to the couples house to investigate the disappearance. After some questions and some digging the player finds out that the daughter has ran away to a Synth refuge in Far Harbor, Maine. The set up here was nice and I liked the way Bethesda presents the story and adventure ahead.

The player heads to Far Harbor where there is people who need help fighting off enemies from a thing known as “The Fog”. The player finds out that the daughter went to the synth refuge known as “Acadia” the player then travels to Acadia and locates the missing daughter to sort things out. The player also meets a synth named DIMAS who needs his memory’s retrieved from the Children of Atom who plan to use them to destroy Far Harbor.

The world of Far Harbor is very huge for a DLC and the fog was a nice touch even though some may say it was annoying. The only downside of the new world is that it feels way too similar to the Commonwealth just smaller, with fog, and some new locations. This isn’t all bad though as the new locations and enemies were cool to defeat. I love how there’s a new soda company called Vim! Pop and this reminded me of how cool it was in New Vegas to have Sunset Sasparella. The people feel very different from those in the commonwealth which was nice, as it didn’t feel like a copy and paste of the characters from the Commonwealth.

In the main storyline I felt that my decisions made more of an impact this time around compared to that of the main story in Fallout 4. I ended my game after siding with the people of Far Harbor and was shocked to see that my decision ruined my entire goal of the story which was to return the couple’s daughter home safe. The people of Far Harbor assumed she was also a synth and killed her on the spot. This makes me want to go back on another save and see what would happen if I were to side with Acadia or the Children of Atom.

The side quests were also nice to have as the main story was only about 5 hours long. Although the side quests added only about 2 more hours of gameplay, this was perfect for me and really made me feel like the $25 DLC gave me my money’s worth.

When I first played Far Harbor on my Xbox One I had game breaking issues that prevented me from progressing in the main story and I became very frustrated. Luckily a hard reset of my console seemed to fix all of my problems but it still ruined some of my experience. It’s also sad to see that PS4 players have seem to be hit the hardest with performance issues. However a simple patch can hopefully fix all of the issues.

Far Harbor, the 3rd installment of Fallout 4 DLC is a fresh and fun filled experience to expand an already huge game. ThisGenGaming gives Far Harbor a 8.7/10 review score for the DLC.

Are you enjoying Far Harbor or plan on getting it? Let us know down below.

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