Games with Gold June 2016 Lineup Leaked – Rumour

  • Ryse: Son of Rome
  • Lichdom Battlemage
  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Bioshock Infinite

The poor quality picture shows that Xbox One owners will get Ryse: Son Of Rome and Lichdom: Battlemage in June, Whilst Xbox 360 users will get Red Dead Redemption and Bioshock Infinite.

Ryse: Son of Rome is a stunning action-adventure that follows Marius Titus on a heroic quest to avenge the death of his family, and preserve the honor of Rome, at all costs. Ryse: Son of Rome originally released all the way back in 2013 as part of the Xbox One’s launch line-up and seems to be a fairly legit leak since we all knew it was going to come sooner or later. Lichdom: Battlemage is a first-person action role-playing video game that was developed by independent game developer Xaviant and published by Maximum Games for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It’s a newer release but came under scrutiny for terrible performance on the consoles, perhaps indicating that being apart of Games with Gold is a means of making some money of a game that was shunned by many.

One thing to consider however is that Bioshock Infinite has been given away previously as a Games with Gold title, perhaps limiting the reliability of this leak since it’s very uncommon and perhaps even unprecedented for games to be offered twice.

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  1. This is most certainly fake. Bioshock Infinite like you said have been given already and they won’t repeat it. Lichdom Battlemage just recently came out and even though it is a terrible game there is no way it would be given away for free already.

    • How do you know? You just pulled that out of your ass…lol. You believe your own made up opinions? DERP!

      • You sound reasonable.

      • bioshock infinite has already been a gwg offer hence Psn Merc is right.

    • How can it be free, you dont play for Xbox live gold?

    • They DO repeat gwg titles. Tomb raider was one 3 times

      • That was back before microsoft did new games every month. That isn’t the same thing as a game being free one month, leaving the service, and then showing up again a year later.

        • they give out 2 for each console now. only 1 before. perhaps concidering they get new members every month. we usually get a crap 2nd title. perhaps once in awhile they’ll replace the crap 2nd title with a repeat from the previous year….we shall see…

      • yeah they gave the 360 version away, then the definite xbox one version for 2 months. Did the same with Thief before Backwards comp came into place so i dont see them doing this with other games. Maybe stuff that was free once on xbox360 and has a remaster version on the xboxone. Sleeping dogs xbox one version will prob come this year

    • Don’t forget pool nation fx and tomb raider I believe we’re offered three months in a row

      • That isn’t the same thing. Pool Nation and Tomb Raider didn’t leave GWG and then come back again months later. That was before Microsoft was offering new games every month.

  2. Every GwG title is playable Xbox One, so the two X360 games are backwards compatible.

  3. i herd Lichdom Battlemage was a bad game so 3 out of 4 isnt that bad

    • It’s actually not that bad. I bought it in beta a long time ago.

    • It plays similar to the first Bioshock games where you see your players two hands in front of you.

  4. lichdom is like the most boring/generic game ever……

    • If they give Ryse and Red dead redemption I doubt anyone will care what the other two offerings are.

      • You misspelled Bioshock Infinite! Seriously, if you haven’t played it, go buy it now!

  5. This would make sense for two reasons. MS has to go big in June with Gold for E3. The other reason would be giving RDR free to gold members to tie in with Rockstar announcing RDR 2 at E3.

    • Do you remember last year’s GwG for June? People were saying the same thing then, and the list was just meh. The 360 had good games, the one had Pool nation!

  6. it seems fake. the layout is different to what it looks like on the xbox one

  7. I’m gonna call fake. Simply because we’ve already had Bioshock Infinite on 360 with GWG. I don’t think they’ve done a single duplicate on 360 yet have they? Red Dead Redemption would make sense, but I’m kinda hoping not, simply because I already have it.

    For that matter, wasn’t Ryse also free at some point?

    • Ryse has not been free yet, although every pre-emptive Games with Gold post claims it’s going to be .

    • I agree with you for the simple fact that every list that has been “leaked” has been wrong so far! Well, all the leaked ones I have seen have been wrong, I should say.

    • Actually all that say the fact that a game has been repeated means this is false are wrong. Tomb raider was a games with gold THREE.times.

      • It was not on there 3 different times. It didn’t leave GWG and then come back months later Bioshock would be. You are comparing 2 different things that aren’t related to eachother.

        • At the very least twice. I’m not wrong here. Maybe you just haven’t been a gold member long enough.

          • Seriously dude look at the games with gold wiki before continuing to argue this this

          • Yep twice

          • on two different consoles which was my point in my first comment in the other thread

          • What other thread? The one where you were a rude prick? That one? I stopped marrying any attention to you in the first sentence. . Buh bye

  8. fake, Bioshock Infinite has already been a GWG title (much to my annoyance since i had bought it like a month earlier when it was like 5 bucks. not something that I’ll lose sleep over but hey i could’ve waited a month and had a pizza or something).

    • Happens to me ALL the time, I did the same with Infinite, and a few others. That’s why I haven’t bought Ryse, I know the second I buy it, it will show on GwG.

    • That means nothing. Tomb raider was a games with gold THREE times.

      • I dont know if you are just dumb or what. Standard version on 360, definitive on One and LC Guardian of Light on 360. This would be Bioshock same version on same console…NO!, this has never happened. Stop repeating your uninformed comment.

        • Being a rude Jackass doesn’t make your comment less false. Thanks for playing “most unnecessarily rude.”

          • The only person who is wrong here is you Lee.

          • Nope. Another person on here also remembers. Don’t be a prick.

      • except it wasn’t. Tomb Raider was available once on the 360 verison, and once on the Xbox One (Definitive edition). OTHER Tomb Raider games were GWG, but no same title has been offered twice on the SAME platform.

        • You are right Asuma. No Tomb Raider games with the same title were offered twice on the same platform; however, Pool Nation FX was offered three months in a row on the same platform. Other countries actually do get the repeated Games with Gold titles also.

          • yes there were extended releases, but that’s just what it was, an extended release early into Xbox One’s GWG program. Other Countries get repeats because the game typically being offered violates some rule they have or isn’t available legally in their region, for some reason, thus the casual go-to repeats. in the main GWG program there haven’t been any repeats, only extended timeframes to download.

    • I totally understand the frustration! I bought sunset overdrive AND the season pass not very long before it went free LOL

  9. It is not uncommon for 360 games to repeat again, at least not internationally. Japan gets a bunch of repeated Games with Gold. This could be a fake because Red Dead Redemption is on Deals with Gold for this week. Why would someone buy it if Microsoft is giving it free anyways? Unless China is the only one getting this deal (or is Japan? I don’t know characters on the pic).

    • I bought metal gear ground zero’s on sale and then they gave it free. the 2nd time they gave out tomb raider (was on the XONE, after being free for 360) I saw it on sale the week before (ironically it was that game, the one everyone mentions was a repeat.) Microsoft will do what they want they have no code they must stick too. they gave out black flag the week after black flag and unity were on sale as well.

  10. I knew the list was BS, every “leaked” list is. Yet, every month people buy it, here’s the real list,

  11. I’m laughing at everyone here who honestly thought this would be the lineup. When will ya’ll learn.

  12. Here is the SAD truth…
    XBox1: Costume Quest
    Goat Simulator
    XBox 360
    Super MeatBoy
    (sorry, forgot the other lame game)

    I went on the M$ Major Nelson site about a year ago and complained when there were games almost as bad as this month. I asked for a new program called “Games for Grownups” lol. They were a bunch of losers praising every syllable the major uttered. Called me a “game snob” lol! These kid games are fine if your 9 yrs old, but 4 kid games in a month means nothing for the grownups. Give us at least one, please.

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