Will Zelda Wii U be enough to carry Nintendo at E3?

Big things are expected of Nintendo this year at E3 with the upcoming release of Nintendo’s next console, the NX. However, Nintendo have taken quite an odd approach regarding any news about the NX. You would expect something as big as the NX to be announced at E3, but Nintendo have opted to leave the NX out of E3, instead opting to present the next Legend of Zelda game. In fact, it seems like that will actually be the only playable game at E3 this year.


We can all remember how excited we were to learn how Zelda Wii U was going to be open world. Nintendo is going to have to divulge something big to top that.

One can hope that Nintendo will have more than just the next Zelda game (or “Zelda Wii U,” as many have begun calling it) to present — if such is the case, then that would only set Nintendo up for failure. Presenting only Zelda Wii U will not be enough to carry Nintendo at E3. No matter how impressive and amazing it may end up being, the excitement will not be enough to keep adequate attention on Nintendo. Within a few weeks after E3, fans will all try to scrutinize every frame of the presentation, squeezing out any available information until there is none left. If Nintendo doesn’t wow fans with their E3 presentation, all the talk will be focused on the other presentations, leaving Nintendo’s E3 as nothing more than a distant memory. This should not be the end result of what should be Nintendo’s biggest event of the year. Fans need something that they can continue to talk about weeks and months down the line. This is how you stay relevant in a world that is constantly changing and evolving. If you give the people only one thing to talk about, no matter how major it is, they will stop talking about it very quickly.


Regardless of how fast its release date to creeping up on us, it’s still a while till the games release and should not be Nintendo’s only focus at E3.

Focusing all efforts on one major point will also impact Nintendo’s overall presence at E3. This should be when Nintendo goes all out — do everything they can to get people as excited as possible. Instead, what we have here is a lackluster performance from a company we know can do better. While the thought of seeing and learning more about an open-world Zelda game is no doubt exciting, it is, at the end of the day, nothing much. It won’t pose as big of a threat to other companies and will be easily overshadowed in the long run. It will ultimately be small when compared against other company’s press conferences if done properly.

Having Zelda Wii U being the only focus for Nintendo at E3 is to put it lightly, not a good idea for Nintendo. It won’t provide enough excitement needed to hold fans over nor will it shine enough attention for Nintendo to stand out. For Nintendo to secure a success E3 this year, they should reconsider what they decide to show off. It’s all about creating buzz and excitement and this is not how you do it.

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