PS4 Neo vs. Xbox Scorpio, Which Upgrade Will Be More Powerful?

The PS4 Neo specs have been known for a while now but now it seems the new upgraded Xbox or the ‘Xbox Scorpio’ as the codename it goes by is now also set for release in 2017. Rumours point to Neo making it out before the end of they year with Microsoft’s upgrade coming in 2017. The question on people’s minds is which will be the more powerful upgrade? Well, let’s try and figure that out.

Update: Polygon have since shared new information suggesting that Xbox Scorpio will have around 6 Tflops vs Neo’s 4.11 Tflops

It appears that the PS4 Neo will actually be powerful enough for resolutions of upwards of 2k natively and even 4k with upscaling technology. Thanks to EuroGamer the exact specs of the machine became widely known. The report says the PS4.5 will use the same CPU as the PS4, but each of its eight Jaguar cores will be clocked to 2.1GHz instead of 1.6GHz – a boost of 1.3. At the same time, the memory will go up from 8GB GDDR5 at 176GB/sec to the same amount of memory at a faster 218GB/sec – enough for a 24% increase in bandwidth.

This is a poweful enough machine to power games at a 1080p minimum for every single game on the system (This is what Sony were talking about when they said ‘greatness awaits’… right?) With the competition’s Xbox One machine already the machine known to struggle with hitting this 1080p native resolution as often as the base PS4, it seems that the Xbox One would find itself even further behind, and by quite a large deal, by the time that the PS4K/Neo hits the market. Even more interestingly, even games previously released can be patched with a ‘Neo’ mode before October of this year to take advantage of the PS4 Neo’s extra power, something that would make already ‘superior’ PS4 ports even better.

Conversely, today we heard rumours surrounding an ‘Xbox Scorpio’ thanks to Kotaku.

According to Kotaku,

Microsoft will release a more powerful version of their premiere console.” “The 2017 Xbox, which is codenamed Scorpio, will have a more powerful GPU” “We hear that it will also be technically capable of supporting the Oculus Rift and that Microsoft is pursuing a partnership with Oculus.”

We already know that the foundation is there for a partnership between Microsoft and Oculus with their deal ensuring that the Xbox One controller will be included with every Oculus Rift, Xbox One games will be playable on Oculus Rift and that The Rift will work natively with Windows 10 to make it easy to set up, jump in, and have an incredible VR gaming experience. Combined with DirectX 12 technology that unlocks the full capabilities of new Windows 10 graphics hardware, made-for-VR games on Windows 10 will have the fastest frame rates and top performance.

From this then we may be able to speculate some of the specs of this Xbox Scorpio.

The recommended settings for using the Rift are as follows:

NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD 290 equivalent or greater
Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater
Compatible HDMI 1.3 video output
2x USB 3.0 ports
Windows 7 SP1 or newer

As it stands, an AMD 290 might struggle to run 4K native games but could run some smaller games at a 4K resolution providing the game isn’t too graphically demanding.

We know that the PS4 Neo will feature 36 CU Polaris GPU with more than 4.19 TFLOPs of horsepower it seems AMD will also supply 14nm based processors to the console manufacturers for increased performance per watt gains. VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive – both of which have the 2160 @90fps standard simply cannot run on current hardware so it’s reasonable to see why we’re getting new hardware.

However, with the Xbox Scorpio coming some time after the Neo (which is planned to release this year) and the fact that Xbox may be partnering with Oculus to bring VR support then perhaps it’s reasonable to make the assumption that the Xbox upgrade will in face be larger and more powerful than the PS4 Neo in order to facilitate Oculus Rift Support.

Which do you think will be more powerful? Are you excited for VR on consoles? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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  1. I think if Microsoft is going to release a console in 2017, it better not make the mistake of overpricing it as it did with the xbox one. Additionally, the Neo is a marginal improvement that should allow for 1080p 60fps gaming, if developers pursue that standard. The xbox sounds like it will be more powerful, but to what effect? It won’t be capable of native 4k, so if it’s only more powerful to allow for Oculus gaming on the console, I’m not sure Microsoft understands the market at the moment. We shall see.

    • it needs to be more powerful and no esram to win.

  2. Could you just… stop?

    • Shut the funk up you ridiculous fantard. Man, you do this every day doncha? Pathetic.

  3. New Xbox will flop more? PS Neo will use floppies? You are taking flip flops on holiday?

    Pointless speculation.

  4. if there is no esram crap with this new xbox and oculus partnered it will destroy the ps4 neo and psvr.the oculus rift is way better then the psvr.we will see how long devs like making a crap mode version and a neo mode version of the same game will last…lol

    xbox Scorpio uwp dx12 bc,oculus rift wow the xbox Scorpio is about to take a dump on the ps4
    when the ps4 gets phased out in a few more years have fun paying to play your ps4 games on the ps5.
    xbox will have free full bc….lolololololol

    • in your dreams,I feel sorry for you ,I know it hurts to have an underpowered crapbox.

    • so you think ms will just let devs not work on the first xbox good plan cant wait for it 2 fail stupid

  5. I will not buy a neo if they dont upgrade that crappy CPU. I am a ps4 owner, but will turn my back on ps4 if the next xbox is way more powerful.

    • I will not buy an upgraded XBone if they stay with that crappy ESRAM. Sure the games on the new console is not backwards compatible but I’m a hypocritical XBone fanboy.

    • You’re no PS4 owner. You just pretend to be. You didn’t buy the PS4 solely because it was more powerful, and if you did, that was a stupid reason to do so.

      Who are you trying to fool?

      • BIG SALTY TEARS from the whiney fantard. Cry cry.

  6. I think Microsoft might have a chance with Scorpio. Im going to halt my judgmenent until it finally releases but IMO they hired some very smart people to turn the tables around.

    This also came at a very costly price; They no longer have console exclusives and all their IP’s are going multi-platform including their OS win10. It’s not a bad idea really, but will it work? They have to stay afloat somehow because Sony calculated every one of their moves like a jiu jitsu Grand Master and it effected Microsoft strategy big time.

    They went on from Kinect, which was supposed to be huge and innovative this generation, to totally dropping it bc the consumers didnt want it. Their Cloud technology never really kicked off like it was supposed to. Now they are trying to play catch up with the Industry, with PS4 Neo and Oculus.

    And we all know they really shot themselves it the [brain] with their draconian anti-consumer DRM policy. (Just look at their anti-consumer lawsuits agains them to this date). They better hope this works for them

  7. I saw some Xbox fanboys on N4G say an upgraded PS4 was a bad thing (i know they’re Xbots because a true Sony fan would not question Sony). If I see more than 5 people excited for an upgraded XO on N4G, then the entire Xbox fanbase are flip floppers and hypocrites (even though I can’t prove they are the same people who downplayed the PS4 Neo, you know I’m right).

    I got a “well said” bubble and a good agree ratio, that means I’m smart and unbiased. I’m a real gamer.

    • This isn’t serious. Right?

      • Note he’s talking about getting bubbles, which no longer exist on N4G.

        • Yes that is a good point, but I wrote the comment before they removed the bubble system.

          Sony fans also had more bubbles on average than the xbots which is solid proof that Sony fans are smarter and more rational, not just because there are more Sony fans N4G.

          • ponie alert….ponie alert poor ponie fans…lol

    • It’s XBone fanboys. What did you expect?

    • Fake account is fake.

      • Thank you, Captain Obvious. May I have a few pulls off the paint you’re huffing? Sharing is caring and I need to be blasted to read your moronic posts.

        • Please crawl back under your bridge.

    • This is a peek into the true mind of a Sony Drone. Well done.

    • Strange N4G had most complaints from PS4 owners about a new PS4.

      It’s about time console companies make upgrades more often than 8 years. Now we will see if the new Xbox is approximately 6 Tflops vs. PS4 Neo’s 4.2 estimated Tflops.

      If this is true, I can’t wait for Sony fans to start backpedaling.

      • Spoiler alert: it probably won’t be. 🙂

        • Yeah that would suck if true.

      • Backpedaling lol Xbox just doesn’t have the games. Sony is a hardware and Movie company, PlayStation games will always trump Xbox games.

    • over half of you ponie base didnt want the ps4 neo

    • I agree with u, I’m the same way and I tried all the systems in the past. Xbox just doesn’t have the games and the experiences like PlayStation.

  8. Now, the only thing i ask to be available on “Xbox Scorpio” is… of course, The Steam App… that is the winning card for Microsoft

    • It definitely would be in my opinion too but… if they are partnering with Oculus it could conflict maybe. Although I know you can use Oculus on steam now. As long as it’s an Oculus capable game. I’ve noticed the the Vive and Oculus buttons in steam lately.

    • you people still think power is y they are being out sold so bad lol cute

  9. Polygon is not a reliable source of anything.

  10. Sony dropped the ball. I say this as someone who will buy a Neo at the end of this year and trade-in my current PS4. Sony is rushing the Neo for PSVR. It will be 3 years since launch. Sony can’t go too far with the hardware due to it only being 3 years and they don’t have a foundation like UWA for backwards compatibility. Microsoft is waiting 4 years for Scorpion, same amount of time between XBox and 360. They are going to truly beef up the hardware like its a new generation console, but have Unified Windows to make sure backwards compatibility works.

    • You must have a lot of solid info on this console that nobody else outside of Sony has.

      • It may not be confirmed but it makes sense, they need to pull out all of the stops to beat Sony. The Playstation Brand is so effing strong that the only time the Xbox came close to matching it was last gen and this is after the PS3 came out a year later. They can’t just have a console as powerful as the Neo, they need a console to blow it out of the water, and they need to have backwards compatibility. Giving the Xbox One BC was one of the smartest moves MS has done for the Xbox One and given the reception they’ll most likely keep putting in BC in their future consoles, it’s too good of a feature to not have.

        • If they tripled the stops and then pulled them all out, it wouldn’t do any good. About the only way for Sony to lose this generation is if they just stop selling consoles.

          In either case, it makes little sense. The solution to Microsoft’s problem isn’t new hardware, but new software. BC isn’t that solution, and only shows up as “popular” when a game like Modern Warfare is involved.

          And they can’t just go blowing the imaginary competition out of the water… cuz it’s imaginary.

          • Not this generation, no way MS is going to catch up unless they sold the Xbox One for like…$100 + a free game and even then….

            But future generations they could if they kept outdoing Sony on every front. BC isn’t the solution but it’s a damn good feature to have and you can be MS is going to make it a priority for all of their future consoles.

          • ” if they kept outdoing Sony on every front.”

            They’d have to START doing that, first and foremost. And while BC is a great feature, I’m pretty certain this generation has shown us how little it actually matters.

          • Yes, I agree, if they START with the Scorpio then they can start establishing the Xbox as a comparable brand. Right now the Playstation brand is so strong that Sony was able to catch up to the 360 at the end of last gen despite the massive F up they had at the start.

  11. i have been curious how amd manages keeping these two companies desired specs separate. i have to imagine there is a lot of corporate espionage occurring within sony, microsoft and amd. i wonder if intel and nvidia will be courted going forward if there is a significant disparity in specs.

    surely microsoft understand they need to invest in ip and not Tflops. i support the release of games on pc but seriously question the games as service decisions that led to the closing of lionhead, the neglect of core gamers and the massive focus on casual kinect and cable integrations.

    eleven years between kameo and sea of thieves is inexcusable. will rare be allowed to make more of the classic like games or after sea of thieves will they spend the next decade chasing soccer moms again. with microsoft you can never tell. Tflops was never the problem with xbox one but the shallow inconsistent direction and leadership that abandoned xbox gamers midway through xbox 360 life and continued through the unveiling of xbox one and the closing of lionhead.

    it concerns me they are entirely unawares, microsoft doesn’t need more Tflops, they need to earn trust back from the gamers they abandoned by making more games like sea of thieves consistently and at this point make them available on pc. virtually the only positive i see going forward.

  12. Good lord, this article has thouroughly rustled the jimmies of those pathetic loser sony fanboys. Especially on N4G. They are foaming. Hahahha morons.

    • Sad fanboy- that’s you, little girl, just in case you couldn’t work that out on your own- is sad. And, apparently, bored because there aren’t any games to play on XB1… though you might not even have the console to begin with.

      But fanboys gotta fanboy, don’t you?

      • You deny you’re a fanboy, then try to insult me by claiming xbox has no games? You delusional little cretin. ROFL. Stay stupid, Pony boy!

        • Uh-huh.

          • Hey, you’re the fantard on the defensive. Getting mad because I call out idiots like yourself. You prove your guilt by defensiveness alone.

          • You’re boring, guy. Get a new hobby.

          • Get a new line, fanboy.

          • Are you talking to yourself, here?

          • Reach deeper in your barrel of weak troll responses, fantard.

          • Keep trying.

          • No! Deeper! You’re almost at the bottom!

          • That’s your special place.

          • Getting close! Keep going!

          • lol what even are your responses.

          • Not 18 days late, for one.

          • Remember, you raging fantard, you are here to entertain me. Not the other way around. I come here specifically to laugh at bias morons like yourself. Your assertion that “”xbawks haz no gaems!” only proves I am right and you are joke.

          • Sure, sure.

          • dude i like that your defending yourself when your being insulted but man your comebacks make no sense and they suck

          • So if I respond to this now, will it take you a month to reply?

          • no. i just found this page…

          • Well, points at least for not taking thirty days.

          • let it go… nobody cares

    • lol you really don’t see what sony is doing. 2013 anyone???

      • They would need more time than they have to change Neo to a point it can stand with scorpio. Your desperate faith is cute .

        • its likely the neo won’t release this year. apparently they are making the new vr device work better on current ps4’s and how is it cute? sony did the same thing in 2013 so in actual fact your overconfidence in microsoft is quaint

          • They only did that back then because the guys handling xbox at the time didn’t give a shit and settled. Sony is still releasing theirs first. If they make changes to match, scorpio can too. It’s sony on the losing end this time. Turnabout is fair game.

          • look I’m not gonna say ps4 neo is gonna be better, thats bullshit i have no idea but i do know that sony isn’t stupid and the neo will probably be MUCH closer in terms of specs when properly announced, rumours are rumours nothing more, nothing less

          • if scorpio is more powerful by that margin i will probably buy it, i like having the best console and i did with xbox 360, i believe i do with ps4 and i hope i will with neo

        • they wouldn’t need more time since neo doesn’t even have a release date, why would they not announce at e3 if it was coming out this year

  13. it will have a polaris apu in it for sure it takes a gtx 970 a $330 gpu to just barley do much is is this console going to be? more power is good but if it isnt as cheap as the ps4 neo it wont win.

  14. It appears the new XBox will be more powerful based on what is reported, however how much exactly is it going to cost?

    • $1499

  15. Waiting on the specs for Scorpio to upgrade my PC. I don’t want to have the same or less than a console. :p

  16. Which of these two unannounced and speculatory consoles is most powerful?

    Gee, I have no idea.

  17. i bet since scorpio sony have delayed the neo so they can beef it up to the scorpio’s standards, they wouldn’t announce a less powerful console after ms announced theirs, thats dumb. instead they will probably concentrate on making psvr work better or normal ps4’s

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