No Man’s Sky Potentially Delayed Once Again

One of the games that I’ve been highly anticipating since the initial release, No Man’s Sky from Hello Games brings new adventures such as exploring, trading, fighting and hopefully surviving in a world that continuously generates – a game with no real chance of ever having the exploration finish.

The game had an expected launch date of June 21 however signs are popping up on the internet, telling us that we may have to wait about a month or two longer before we get our hands on it. The most notable sign came from GameStop who had been told to cover up the intended release date of June 21 on the No Man’s Sky posters.

GameStop sticker

GameStop shops received a note reading:

The Release Date for No Man’s Sky has changed since the provided posters were printed. Please use a coming soon pop-on to cover up the date and communicate as needed to your guest about the change of release

Neither Sony nor Hello Games have publicly released a statement regarding the matter, however Kotaku claims to have it’s own reliable sources, which suggest that the new release date could be August at the latest. Obviously, any release date past this could start being a holiday release, something the development team may want to avoid.

These sorts of delays are pretty common, and it allows the development team a lot more time to polish the game instead of releasing a broken game and fixing it later on in the timescale of things.

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What do you think about delays in video games? Do you agree that they can be beneficial to the players and perhaps it could improve the game in general! Let us know down below in the comments!

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