Deep Silver Has Recently Become A PR Disaster, Needs To Be Changes Soon

If there is one video game publisher out there right now that is doing everything wrong it is Deep Silver. Deep Silver PR in particular has been a mess for awhile now as they have been making bad decisions that have generated a lot of negative feedback. What exactly have they done wrong you may ask?

Just a few weeks ago Homefront: The Revolution was released after a long and troubled development cycle. Reviews for the game have not been kind to as it currently is sitting with a score of 49 on Metacritic. Deep Silver is of course the publisher of this game so while the game has shifted around from 2K to Crytek to Dambuster Studios, Deep Silver deserves some of the blame for the way the game turned out as well. I played the beta for Homefront in early 2016 and knew then that the game was going to come out in terrible shape.

Following on the Homefront disaster this week brought about another blunder from Deep Silver. They released a new trailer for the upcoming Mighty No. 9 and what a mess of a trailer it was. According to comparisons the game looks worse now then it did in the E3 2015 trailer. The game looks like it should be on the PS2 from the looks of the trailer and many fans are very unhappy with it. In just the first 48 hours the video got over 14,000 dislikes on Youtube. The game has been delayed over and over again and it seems like all of that money that was raised for it via Kickstarter has gone to waste. While for all we know maybe the finished game will be better there is no denying that Deep Silver PR really screwed up with that trailer. Even Takuya Aizu who is the CEO of Inti, the developer of Mighty No. 9, took to Twitter to express his frustration with Deep Silver.

I think when the CEO behind the game you are promoting comes out and says you screwed up then something is wrong and needs to change. In this case probably the PR department. But wait the blunders don’t stop there as also this week more trouble has come this time regarding the upcoming Dead Island Definitive Collection. The game is set to come out at retail and digitally next week on PS4 and Xbox One and the problem comes from the retail PS4 version. Deep Silver PR took to Twitter to answer one fans question as to whether or not the game will be on multiple discs. Their answer was the on Xbox One it is on the same disc but on PS4 Dead Island Riptide will be a download code because PS4 discs don’t support multiple games.

Now correct me if I’m wrong but I could swear that Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, the Uncharted Collection, and Metro Redux all were on one disc on PS4 and all featured multiple games. Many other fans pointed this out to them and they replied by saying “We could’ve worded that better. You need a separate menu, you can’t just put two games on disc the same way as XB1.” So in other words Deep Silver was too lazy to create a simple launch menu to choose which Dead Island game you want to play like other developers do. It’s hard not to be frustrated with this as myself and other gamers buy a game at retail so we can have a retail disc. If we wanted the digital game we would buy it digitally. Deep Silver did this same thing with the Saints Row 4 remaster on PS4 as the expansion was a download code while it was all on the disc on the Xbox One version. Again there is just no excuse for it and further highlights that Deep Silver has serious problems that need to be corrected if they want to stay relevant.

These are just some of the recent ways that Deep Silver has really screwed up lately. I was planning on buying the Dead Island Collection on PS4 but after hearing that they are too lazy to create a simple menu they won’t be getting my money. Homefront and Mighty No. 9 are huge disappointments in my eyes as well. They really have just done nothing right lately and the whole company deserves all of the blame but especially that PR team. What do you think of all of the recent mess ups over at Deep Silver? Are you tired of them as well? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Takuya seems mad because his scam of a game got exposed

  2. homefront is a bad idea and two bad ideas do not make a good idea.

    free radical design, crytek uk, dambuster studios. deep silver, crytek, thq, kaos studios. a legacy of poor decisions and millions spent trying to turn a game into a franchise that should never have existed. frontlines was a better game yet thq chose to make a sequel from the lesser of kaos studios two games even though at the same time deciding to close kaos studios.

    timesplitters, second sight, haze, every single game free radical made was better than homefront. so why didn’t crytek have free radical make a sequel to timesplitters? they clearly saw enough value in the rights to this ip to hold onto it in the deal with deep silver.

    what on earth possessed deep silver to pick up this black hole of an ip that contributed a significant part in thq’s demise and almost consumed crytek too? homefront is not a franchise, it’s two games of horse shit with a trail of studios and publisher in its wake.

    thq would have done better to let kaos studios make a sequel to frontlines. maybe deep silver will now have the courage to do what thq did not and put a dagger in this bad idea and let what’s left of free radical, now dambusters, make something there own.

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