Rumour: PS Plus June 2016 Games To Include Gone Home And NBA 2K16

As every month comes with PS Plus, the subscribers are entitled to a list of games on all platforms that support the feature. Sony have still not properly announced their PS Plus free games lineup for June 2016, however it’s around this time when we find out what games we’ll be getting. A tweet made by Sony’s PlayStation Plus Community Manager told us all that the entire list of games will be announced next week.

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However, as it usually does, the list might have unintentionally been leaked already – this time not by a clever clogs with access to it, but by Sony themselves (oops). The leak was sent through the weekly PlayStation newsletter that all of the subscribed get through email. Because Sony tends to only list the games that PS4 users will be getting for the month, they listed both NBA 2K16 and Gone Home on the newsletter. This would change what we thought we knew about Watch_Dogs and Tetris being the games of the month.

Stunning visuals from NBA 2K16, one of the suspected free games

Some of the newsletter’s subscribers found, in the source code of the newsletter  the names of the games – there are no other reasons as to why these games would be included, however this is all speculation regardless:

The source code, showing NBA 2K16 and Gone Home as'”FREE WITH PS PLUS’

As this could have easily been a mistake in the email, it’s entirely possible that this list is true and these are the games we’re getting this month with PS Plus. In any case, this should be seen as a speculation and we’ll update you once we find out the proper list in the week to come.

Until then, let us know what you think about this issue on PlayStation’s end! Perhaps this is a mistake and are these games not the kind of things you expected to see? Maybe you’d actually want Watch_Dogs after these games were released? Let us know down below in the comments!

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