Fallout 4 Xbox One Mods To Release Next Week, PS4 Mods To Follow In June

In a recent tweet from Fallout 4 developers, Bethesda, the mentioned that the mods for the Xbox One version will be releasing on consoles as soon as Tuesday, 31st May.

The studios did a live stream yesterday showing how the mods would work on a console. You’ll still have to create any mods through the use of a PC with their very own Creation Kit, however you will be able to add other player’s mods from the PC to your game on the Xbox.

The mods will be accessible through the main menu of Fallout 4, after logging on with your Bethesda.net account to view the interface of mods – all categorised, making it easier to navigate through the mods you wish. However there is a 2GB capacity on the downloaded mods you can use. The mods can still be disabled but if they’re downloaded onto your console, they’ll still count towards the set limit. Bethesda did mention that the limit could increase in the future, as 2GB is somewhat of a small limit.

Library of currently compatible mods for the Xbox One’s version of Fallout 4

During the livestream, Bethesda showcased a few mods such as a Pip Boy update, changing the cosmetics to a Nuka Cola themed device, as well as another that turns your faithful companion Dogmeat into a cat instead. The Xbox One mods are still in closed beta, however there are just about 2,000 compatible mods, all of which can be seen through the official Bethesda website.

By loading a mod, the game will create a new save, so any previous saves will stay unused in the case that something goes wrong with the game and your progress is lost. Once any of the mods are enabled, Fallout 4 will be rebooted in order to load them. The same will happen if a mod is disabled and during the useage of mods, achievements will be disabled.

‘Nuka Cola’ Pip Boy modification

However, PS4 users fear not as Bethesda have mentioned that mod support for the game will be added for the opposing console sometime in June – thank God.

If you’d like to see Bethesda’s livestream, click here.

So, what do you think about mod support for the consoles? Is it a great step forward? What about the arguably mediocre 2GB limit? We’d love to hear from you down below in the comments, perhaps with a mod suggestion too!

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