Starbreeze Buys Rights To Payday Franchise, Payday Sequel Discussed

The game developing and publishing company based in Sweden, Starbreeze Studios, has today announced of an agreement made to purchase all rights to the popular Payday franchise from the former publisher 505 Games for an approximated value of $30 million in the company’s stock.

Starbreeze also mentioned that 505 would stay in the loop of the game’s revenue, receiving a third of all sales of Payday 3 up to $40 million once Starbreeze has regained their developing and marketing costs.

Screenshots of a bank heist in Payday 2

This transaction in particular will give Starbreeze full rights to the Payday franchise for any future development according to the company’s official website, including Payday and Payday 2 for mobile devices. The company will be retaining the full net revenue on the PC platform for the game that dates back to May 1 and any sales generated from Payday 2 will continue to be split between both 505 and Starbreeze while the former continue to publish the game.

Starbreeze CEO, Bo Andersson Klint, mentioned in a statement:

“Payday is very close to my heart, and has laid the foundation for Starbreeze success in recent years. We’re very excited to bring our heisters home to the safe house … To start with, we believe in the continued success of Payday 2 and will support it for at least another 18 months continuing expanding the game.”

The developers of the games, Overkill, are already owned by Starbreeze and they said that all microtransactions will be removed from the current game – nothing was said about any future releases however. They also said that the skills tree and black market would be free for every player going forward.

For any additional information, watch the announcement video below:

We’d like to give our congratulations to the companies involved and all our best wishes for the future to come.

So, what do you think about this announcement? Are you excited for the future of the Payday franchise? Were you a fan of the games? Perhaps they were a bit exaggerated and not realistic enough for you? Let us know your opinions down below!

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