Dead Rising 4 Is Currently Being Developed By Capcom Vancouver, May Or May Not Be An Exclusive

Dead Rising 3 was released in 2013 as an Xbox One exclusive as well as a launch title. It was said to have sold very well, and a Dead Rising 4 was talked about not long after the release. It’s also likely that Capcom Vancouver is ditching the engine they built  in favor of a partnership with Epic Games, meaning that the studio will be working exclusively with the Unreal Engine 4 from here on out.

The rumour comes from an insider on NeoGaf by the user name of Ekim who confirmed the development of Dead Rising 4 following another series of Xbox E3 leaks:

Since the PS4 has somewhere around a 2:1 ratio install base over the Xbox One, it’s possible that the next entry might opt for a multiplatform release to not miss out on the PS4 user base. Alternatively, it could follow the likes of other games from Xbox and might go the route of a Xbox/Windows 10 exclusive title.

What are you hoping to see in Dead Rising 4? Do you hope it will be multiplatform? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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  1. funny how people think that a large install base well equal games sold …..ha ha

    • UC4 sales equals to halo 5 + tomb raider + QB first week so..,

        • LOL, 400 million in software AND hardware… shipped. Sony wasn’t scared to share Uncharted’s actual sell-through numbers.

          • $400m in total revenue idiot

          • Uncharted 4 smoked Halo. It’s still on the top 20 at Amazon. Fail game is fail.

          • halo 5 $400m total revenue and uc4 $200m revenue how does it beat haol 5?

          • Because they didn’t have to include hardware and accessories in the revenue. Microsoft always has to spin instead of telling the truth.

          • love that blind fanboy in

          • Hey, you’re the one that likes being deceived. Sony actually releases numbers while Microsoft keeps telling everyone the console is selling fine when they keep having to dump the price every week, and then coming out with some big long spiel about global engagement.

          • lol

      • Uncharted has been washed up since the 2nd one.No replay value.

      • And Street Fighter V? A more logical comparison, vs a 1st party game which will obviously sell.

      • Stop dreaming.

        You don’t even know Halo 5, Tomb Raider and QB sale numbers.

    • yep ask sf5 that…lol.big AAA titles may sell for a few m tops when there are 20m-40m consoles out there.

      number of console sold doesnt mean success.

      • Nobody wanted that crap game. Thats why it didnt sell. Let that franchise die already.

        • indeed couldnt agree more but as long as its an esport we will have a sf6:(

  2. Given Capcom’s partnerships with Sony lately seems like;y DR4 will be on that platform.
    The publisher would be mad to ignore the place where 3rd party games sell best this generation.
    They need to make this version interesting, the last one looked boring as hell.

    • I had more fun with DR3 than any other launch game on both PS4 and XO.

      “please Capcom make a better Dead Rising than the last one because the last one sucked even though I didn’t play it because I’m a Sony fanboy”

      • Honestly bro… When did you get Dead Rising 3? Because I got it AT LAUNCH, and it was definitely full of frame rate problems and was not fun when he zombies flooded the streets… It turned into a frame rate nightmare. I am looking forward to the next one tho.. I feel like they have to have that all solved after ditching the Epic engine though.. I think it was holding them back.

        • Frame rate problems made the game boring? I didnt realize any frame rate problem during gameplay. DR3 is a great game.

          You are just a liar. You need an Xbox to get out of this depressive life.

          Stop shitting on the comments section.

  3. as long as it stays in the win 10 family xbox/pc im cool with it as long as its not on the ps4.

    • Would you trade it with them for SFV? ( in all of it’s incomplete goodness)?

      • nope.i have a pc and i still wouldnt get sf5 its an esport and i dont touch esports.

        • Street Fighter has been around way before the hypebeast term “esports” and it’s forced enthusiasm and player base. SFV is a fighting game first and foremost.

          • i know i played sf2 on mu snes..lolthe day it became an esport like tekken did i stopped playing fighting games.

          • what day and time was that? Sounds like you just arent into fighting games. No need to say that SFV is an esport. Because it really isnt.

          • used to be before they became esports i have sf2 mk on the sens at all the way to ps3 then i stopped with fighting games.maybe because of world of war craft and i got in to pc gaming.

          • What’s your definition of “esport” because it seems like you’re just applying it to genres you aren’t into, or games that have competitive scenes.
            Were you even using that term 5 years ago ?

          • team competition for actually dont think sf5 isnt an esport do you?

          • It’s not an “esport”. There have been fighting game tournaments for money since the 90s, as you should already know. Using your logic, every fighting game is an “esport” because of EVO.

          • Yeah , WOW definitely did that to people and convinced them that anything that isn’t WOW sucks.

          • yep i got roped in since 04…lol.maybe wow is to blame for allthis f2p microtransaction

  4. I hope on xbox because on that system i have 4TB (2free), my PS4 only have 1TB and no space free for games.

  5. i hope its coming to PS4. Id much rather have this than shitty ass Street Fighter

  6. Not every game will be a ps4 exclusive

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