Dead Rising 4 Will be at E3 2016 and is Going to “Make Fans of the Series Very Happy”

Two days ago we reported that Dead Rising 4 is in development at Capcom Vancouver and may, or may not, have an exclusivity deal. Today, we can follow up on that news with the rumour that Dead Rising 4 will indeed feature at this year’s E3 and will “make fans of the series happy”.

Dead Rising 3 was released in 2013 as an Xbox One exclusive as well as a launch title. It was said to have sold very well, and a Dead Rising 4 was talked about not long after the release. It’s also likely that Capcom Vancouver is ditching the engine they built  in favor of a partnership with Epic Games, meaning that the studio will be working exclusively with the Unreal Engine 4 from here on out.

The rumour comes from an insider on NeoGaf by the user name of Ekim who confirmed the development of Dead Rising 4 following another series of Xbox E3 leaks:

Today, the same insider confirmed that Dead Rising 4 will be coming to E3 this year.

It remains unclear which conference the game will be featured in but it’s a safe bet that it would likely be the Xbox conference considering the exclusivity of Dead Rising 3 and some previous Dead Rising games on the Xbox platform.

Since the PS4 has somewhere around a 2:1 ratio install base over the Xbox One, it’s possible that the next entry might opt for a multiplatform release to not miss out on the PS4 user base. Alternatively, it could follow the likes of other games from Xbox and might go the route of a Xbox/Windows 10 exclusive title.

What are you hoping to see in Dead Rising 4? Do you hope it will be multiplatform? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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  1. nice !!!!!! ill have a game to buy for xbox one!!

  2. I think it will be windows 10 exclusive, really hyped for this, the first game is still my favourite though

    • Cross buy i guess, Suddenly, MS Install base upgrade from 20M to… every Windows 10 PC


  4. Maybe this one is going to be good

  5. if this games goes to the ps4 ill never buy this crap again.this was a xbox launch title for many wasnt even a great game but it was an xbox exclusive.if they bring it to ps4 they wont buy it and you will piss off xbox owners and they wont buy it.

    it you want to kill your game bring it to the ps4.

    • You need a shoulder to cry on. If it is on ps4 then so what who care’s. Tired of people like you complaining about stupid shit.

      • you will when the more powerful xbox is released next year.

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