GameSpot are Receiving a lot of Hate for Their Deceiving Overwatch PS4 v PC Video

Overwatch has been out for almost two weeks now and the game is off to a very successful start. The game has received almost universal praise from gamers and critics alike. It’s reported that it may have even pushed The Division off the top spot as the most successful new IP launch ever. With such an immense amount of good will surrounding the game then, it’s made it even worse that GameSpot has tried to deceive people with one of their latest videos on the game.

Published on YouTube on March 31st, the video titled ‘Overwatch PS4 v PC Gameplay Comparison’ has already received a ton of hate on YouTube alone. The video has garnered just under 7,000 dislikes at the time of writing this article; compared to only 800 likes.

If you wish, you can see the video for yourself here.

The top comment on the video comes from TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit who left this comment on the video:

Although having the most popular comment on the video, TotalBiscuit was by no means alone in his criticism of GameSpot:

The hate on the video stems from the fact that it’s very clear that GameSpot’s PC footage is by no means a true representation of what that version can offer and in fact looks worse than the console version; something that ticked off a lot of PC owners who know this game looks and runs ‘better’ on PC. Users on YouTube and Reddit have accused GameSpot of purposely purporting low PC quality gameplay in order to make the PS4 version look like the better choice.

Update: We made a mistake in reporting on the date of the video. It was in fact published two months ago on March 31 but only came to our radar after TotalBiscuit’s prolific comment.

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  1. Gamespot is and always has been crap. So what’s new?

  2. hate=views=$$$$$ hate all you poor pc gamers…and their 3rd rate

    • People like you must be running Gamespot.

      Sure this one specific video will get more views than it deserves but Gamespot just lost way more future would-be viewers and also loses out current subbed viewers who are going to unsub after this crappy decision.

      very short sighted just like you

      • lol

        • lol what ? he is right
          3rd rate platform ?
          bitch pls the best pc today is ~7 times better and more powerful than the best console version on the market
          name 1 just 1 spec where the console software/hardware outperforms the PC

  3. Pc gamers….perpetually upset by inconsequential nonsense. I mean really….who gives a rip?

    • you’re a fool. people are getting upset because they’re being lied to their face, because the company in question thinks its customers are stupid enough to eat this shit up. next time take a step back and look at the bigger picture before you open your mouth

      • The only people who care about this type of drivel are losers who have nothing better to do than get upset about meaningless nonsense that makes no real difference to anybody except the tiny minded internet nobodies. Good luck with that.

        • Maybe they care because it would be nice to have honest media? c:

          • Who are the media? They’re just people….and people have agendas and opinions. And if it’s ok for you to have them, you must allow for the possibility that others agendas and opinions will differ from your own. If you can’t accept that, it’s going to be a miserable life for you.

        • You seem like an actual *le tips fedora* “I’m so enlightened” moron

          • Douchebag says what??

    • Obvious false advertisement takes place and no one is allowed to care? It’s obvious that you play on console you fucking autist

      • I play on everything. Now go hide your head in the sand in shame….you’re used to it.

    • coprate slaves are ok with pepole lying to thare face

      • I don’t speak that language.

        • you are the kind of people ho does nothing in face of injustice ho will sit there in his incompetence,contempt, w8 for others to “fix” all thous injustices for them, or not, there apathy will sooner or later be the reason the capable people of society will usually “push” them aside
          but hey there are 7+bil on the planet so some1 has to be on the bottom i guess…

          • Can you spell? Can you type in coherent sentences? No, no you cannot. Therefore, you are summarily dismissed for the incomprehensible cretin that you are, and left alone in your own excrement, waiting for someone far more capable than yourself to come and clean up your repugnant mess. Good luck with that.

          • he thinks that english is the only language some1 should ever know CUTE ^_^

          • Excuses are tools of the incompetent, and those who employ their use rarely accomplish anything. Good luck with that.

  4. I get just as mad as anyone when crappy videos like this come out, but the shear amount of hate is too disturbing. One guy/gal on Youtube said ” Get cancer and die “. Maybe because cancer has hit me too close to home and it offended me easier than other things it angered me, but still, is all civility lost? Can’t you express dissatisfaction without all the hate?

    • Not sure if troll, but i guess i’m gonna bite. People can express themselves however they want. If that kid thought “Get cancer and die” was the best way he could express his frustration, then that’s the way he expressed himself. No one is gonna police their language in case they offend someone. Get over it.

      • Why would I talk about civility then troll? Totally took my statement out of context. I never asked anyone to police this person and if you read correctly, I wasn’t making any kind of statement about free speech either. Also. let me get this straight, the fact that my Dad who I took care for 4 years just died of cancer doesn’t entitle me to my own free speech? Oh I see, the kid who says ” get cancer and die ” gets a pass but someone who actually suffered this loss gets a “get over it”. Just proves my point even further. There is no civility anymore….

        • I agree with you in regards to the internet.

          It has become a wasteland of hyperbole where people are unable to think rationally.

          P.s. I am sorry for your loss.

          • Thank you.Appreciated.

    • t r i g g e r e d

  5. Well Im sick of PS4 being compared to PC specs used by less than 2% of PC owners. Truth is that most of the time PC gaming is a changeable mess. And a ripoff.

    • I’m sick of ps4 being compared to pc as well. The ps4 is good for what it does but doesn’t compare to a gaming pc. A console that can’t even achieve 60 fps at 1080p which pc users have achieved for years. Not to mention since the arrival of steam and other content delivery platforms pc gaming has become as easier than ever for people to access their games. The days of basement dwelling virgins is over.

      • So says the basement dwelling virgin.

        • Considering im in my 30’s and married with a full time job and a child i don’t think so.

    • And the validity of your statement is 0 because you have a fucking sonic the hedgehog profile picture you nutty geez

  6. why are pc gamers mad the article doesnt say? maybe game spot doesnt have a beast pc.most of gamesspot and ign are console gamers any way.maybe they could care less about showing the game at its maxed settings.btw it only takes a gtx 950 to 1080p this game.

    are you guys mad because it didnt show the game maed in ultra 1080p/60?who care.its a crap gam imo plus i only see 4 on xbox one streaming it.console gamers dont care about esports and this is an esport.

    as an xbox and pc owner who will never buy this crap game i lol atthem.pc gamers whineing.they have the most childish and toxic community.

    hey pc keep crying abour down grades,enjoy you crappy ports and i cant even remember when the pc get exclusive dlc first.they have even been denied mite have the power but your platform is treated like a 3rd rate gaming system.

    cry me a river pc…cry me a river.

    • It doesn’t take a “beefy” computer to turn the graphics up above minimum in Overwatch. I can run it on medium on a $400 laptop.

      • a gtx 950 can run it in 1080p it looks like a cartoon and people are whineing about the

        • they are not “whineing” about that you duffus, they are angry because your “console master race” needs to tone down the pc version to lowest settings for the ultimate version of a console to have a chance in a “contest” against a pc
          PATHETIC !

    • Napolean complex coming into play here, you are obviously too autistic to notice the pc version has shadows turned off, this was run on lowest settings possible specifically to get viewers to like ps4 more, false advertising people aren’t mad cos gamespot doesnt have a nice pc you fucking mongrel, go play some games at 720p 30fps shit face

      • so its ok for digital foundry to do it but if some one else does it there is a controversy

  7. So people are mad because the footage from PC isn’t the beefiest hardware so that the casual viewer could notice a slight bump in visual fidelity? Okay. The funny thing is, the most competitive of Overwatch PC players wouldn’t disagree with the footage above. Competitive gamers don’t have all the bells and whistles maxed out. For the average PC gamer, that footage is accurate. I don’t play Overwatch on any platform so I am not biasing my opinion.

    • 100% agree

    • are you actually fucking autistic, they literally have shadows TURNED OFF on the pc version. The video was made and is being used to try and make the ps4 version look better, anyone with a 500$ pc can run overwatch on at least medium setting 1080p 60fps.

  8. Not seeing the issue here. PC gamers should be pleased that Overwatch on low gives the PS4 a run for its money. The only people crying about this are gonna be Xbox fanboys who can’t handle being left out in the cold, as usual.

    • Gamespot gotta make sure their masters at Sony is pleased, so they make the PS4 look superior compared to PC.

      Or maybe they couldn’t find “settings” in the game because they can’t do it without voice commands? Who knows.

      • It’s not just the media, my little friend. Everyone hates the Shitbox. :3

        • Doesn’t matter what console you prefer, neutrality in gaming journalism is important. Gamespot thought PC gamers wouldn’t notice, no wonder nobody likes them lol.

        • The issue here is how bad games journalism is.

        • I guess thats why you guys need digital foundry to tell you the differences in games between the PS4 and X1? Goes to show that the media are baiting you morons and youre falling for it by giving them hits. Someday, when youre all grown up,you have a jobs, and you’ve popped off the zits off your fat ass you might learn something. Until then you’re an idiot who needs a treadmill to pass his time.

          • Segadrone Markis the scummy little rodent denying 500,000 pixels difference with better frame rate and graphical effects. Figures you’d be one of the few losers prepared to give this dead brand the time of day. Go back to putting your fat lips around Tim Dog’s shaft. 🙂

    • they are fooling pepole and lying to make the ps4 version look better

      • Gamespot are always lying.

      • Go away, Jew. Fuck off, kike bitch. Israel will burn :))))))))))

    • Hey look you got 10 upvotes, congratulations! Oh wait..

      • So flustered. 🙂

    • Youre an idiot,that much we know. Gamespot is playing the godamn game on low PC settings,because low esteemed idiots like you can beat your chest to feel better about themselves. Thats the whole point of this article. Its not about XBox bullshit. Christ, go sign another petition you whiny slob. LOL.

      • Looks like the only ones who need to feel better about themselves are nasty little Xbox fanboys who need to validate their delusional world view. Go cry to Phil about the lack of games on your worthless plastic toy, Segadrone Markis. 🙂

    • They are much bigger douchebags than IGN.

  9. Gaming journalism has been worst than dead since the last 2-3 years of the Ps3/360. Its not just dead , it is an active part of corroding the hobby of gaming. This overtly bias, unanimous side taking that holds precedent over everything else has strangled this gen. It has strangled it so much we have so many great innovations this gen that go unappreciated or are swept under the rug because game sites are more about controlling narrative than actually reporting news.
    Gamespot should have been gone under, they have been trying to cater to that Sony crowd too hard. Things like this happen because they have been so unchecked for so long. Otherwise they would have never even tried to slip something like this through.

  10. Don’t know why you would even emphasize a comment from Totalbiscuit when everyone knows he’s just cancer.

  11. Gamespot is a pony site. Haven’t visited that shithole in close to a year.

  12. This is why mainstream games “journalists” are not respected in the slightest. Serious, who at GameSpot thought this was a good idea? That person should have their head repeatedly dunked in turd water for their stupidity.

  13. What has happened this generation? I don’t recall anything like this in the 360/PS3 era. It seems that all the gaming media have turned into mindless PS4 drones. What will they do when Intel releases their 10 core i7 processors later this year?

    • idk but it is rly sad
      you get a console = you get what you paid for games will run at an acceptable performance and decent graphics but you will be unaible to inprouve your gaming experience ( 30+ fps will be rare for you)
      you get a pc = same thing as a console but depending on your budget you can get a better performance, same performance or worst performance than a console, or if you want a beast you can have a pc ho will just be 7 times better than a console but so will the price
      why so many people say a console is better than a pc idk , better than what pc? what specs ? do they even know the specs of there own consoles?

      • I agree. What is so funny though is when Phil Spencer announced Project Scorpio, most pro PS4 sites are going back to the Xbox camp, however as a Xbox One owner myself (and a PC gamer), I won’t accept these people back. They gave us grief for the past 2 1/2 years. They dug themselves a huge hole, they got to find a way out by themselves.

  14. Biased site is biased shocker.

  15. You’re not “seeing the issue here” ??
    You don’t think dishonesty in journalism is an issue?
    I feel sorry for you then.

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