Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Low Pre-Orders Is A Sign That The Series Is Dying

It’s very easy to accuse Call of Duty for an awful lot of things – boring, repetitive, but you can’t call it unsuccessful with a straight face, because with the release of the latest game, Black Ops 3, the series alone has sold more than 140 million copies worldwide which is an undeniably successful feat for any company to have achieved. It’s one of those games that would be top of the list if you asked someone to ‘name a successful FPS franchise”, alongside Battlefield, Battlefront, Halo or Quake to name a few.

However, with the recent release of pre-order figures for the latest in the long line of games, Infinite Warfare, it’s not looking good for Activision at all – alongside the hilarious number of dislikes on YouTube for their latest trailer. According to a popular website for sales figures, VG Chartz shows reports of Infinite Warfare having ten times less pre-order figures than that of Black Ops 3.

The pre-order numbers were taken from the website from May 14th, 2016 reports.


Compared to the Black Ops 3 pre-orders from May 16th, 2015 reports.


Makes you wonder, what happened? Oh right – Battlefield 1. But maybe not, maybe fans are just getting bored of the game and the stories or lackthereof that they keep putting into their games, and the same repeated gameplay that we see time and time again. People argue that little effort has been put into changing the gameplay from the Modern Warfare games and comparing them to the newer games is pretty easy from a gameplay mechanics viewpoint.

The multiplayer hardly changes, aside from new guns, maps and a few extra gadgets, it’s the same stuff over and over again, that is incredibly hard to get used to if you’re new to the series because within a day there’s at least one person who’s maxed out everything – there’s not a lot of depth to the simplicity of the game, and it’s very easy to get fed up of it.

Alongside this, they’re moving too far forward all the time – my favourite games from the series were the Modern Warfare ones or the World War based games because they had things that we could understand. The guns were real, the stories resembled that of the World Wars kind of (I’m not saying the World Wars were like a CoD game), basically the games were fun. But now I’m playing the new games with weird suits and guns from the future, killing aliens instead of zombies and the changes were pretty boring and unmeaningful.

Modern Warfare 2’s first mission, introducing Private Allen.

With all of this, it’s also worth mentioning how often they release a AAA game, because once a year is far too much. Doing this doesn’t do much for the game, and usually gives the creators less time to be more innovative with the series, and especially with the amount of criticism Call of Duty games have gotten over the past few years for being uncreative, to expect something incredibly groundbreaking from the developers is gonna take a bit more effort.

And my personal opinion is that the games just aren’t good anymore, there hasn’t been anything that has struck a string in my body for me to say, “this is a genuinely good game” with regards to Call of Duty for a very, very long time and with the recent revelations that you’d need to purchase Infinite Warfare’s bundle to even get your hands on the Modern Warfare remaster is even worse because so many gamers are anticipating that more than the main game.

One of the more popular game modes, Call of Duty: Zombies

The campaigns are always too short with incredibly predictable twists, the development is hardly something to gloat about and the story writing is never unbelievably good – there are points in the stories that could make you gasp or raise your eyebrows, but who really plays the Call of Duty games for the campaign anymore? Not a lot of people, and it’s probably because they put so much effort into making sure the multiplayer can rinse as much money from the players as they can. It’s not fair on the gamers and fans of the series to put such little effort into the games just because Activision’s wallets aren’t big enough already.

And maybe with the figures from Infinite Warfare, it’s going to be an indication that a new path will be taken by Activision – perhaps one we never saw coming for another few years, but Call of Duty is becoming a lost cause and the additional effort they put into it is quickly diminishing. Battlefield won it this year, and I’m sure they’re going to win the next few years to come because people are getting bored of arcade shooters now.

But what do you think on the matter? Do you think Infinite Warfare has just had a bit of bad press and will be a good game? Or do you think it’s a lost cause and Activision should bin it after this game? Let us know in the comments down below!

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