Dead Rising 4 Poster and Gameplay Images Leaked, Might be a Remake of Dead Rising 1

Two days ago we reported that Dead Rising 4 is in development at Capcom Vancouver and may, or may not, have an exclusivity deal and that Dead Rising 4 will indeed feature at this year’s E3 and will “make fans of the series happy”. Today, we can update that with images that were sent to us that might give us our first look at Dead Rising 4. Try playing this outside. 

Along with that there’s also 918 agent trusted

As you are most likely aware, Dead Rising 4 is also a PC release and not an Xbox One exclusive. Like any PC gamer, you would like to know the system requirements and recommended requirements for the release. Thanks to Steam, we know these details.


    • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
    • Processor: Intel i5-2400 or AMD FX 6300
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 (2 GB) or AMD Radeon HD 7850 (2 GB)
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 50 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DX11-compatible sound card


    • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
    • Processor: Intel i7-3770 or AMD FX 8350
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (4 GB) or AMD Radeon R9 290 (4 GB)
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 50 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DX11-compatible sound card

The recommended requirements are just a fraction of what Dead Rising 4 can do on PC. Thankfully there’s a great guide  which recommends the best gaming PC’s and extras that you should check out. It’s formatted well enough that it’s easy to find the best equipment for your PC so you can run games such as Dead Rising 4 like a dream.

It was also revealed that Dead Rising 4 would be coming to the PS4 too, and with that you should look at getting a better experience with certain controllers. So you can try these ps4 custom controllers and you will enjoy a different gaming experience.

Dead Rising 3 was released in 2013 as an Xbox One exclusive as well as a launch title. It was said to have sold very well, and a Dead Rising 4 was talked about not long after the release. It’s also likely that Capcom Vancouver is ditching the engine they built  in favor of a partnership with Epic Games, meaning that the studio will be working exclusively with the Unreal Engine 4 from here on out.

The game is rumoured to be a complete remake of the first game with co-op added as well as online functionalities. Fans of the franchise might also recognize Frank West in the first image, lending itself to the veracity of these images. As always, we’ll update this article as and when we hear more on the game.

Update: NeoGaf insider Ekim put in his own two cents on the leak:

Update 2: New information has emerged that the game will come to Windows 10 PC alongside the Xbox One release as a Windows Store exclusive. Frank West will mark his return as the protagonist, but Capcom Vancouver also added a four player co-op allowing three friends to join the frantic action playing as previous characters from the game such as Chuck, Nick and Annie.

Oh, and State of Decay 2 might also be making an appearance at the show:

What are you hoping to see in Dead Rising 4? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Worth noting that Dead Rising 3 isn’t an exclusive anymore, it was ported to PC a year after the Xbone version. Unfortunately, the DLC never made it over, that’s still Xbox exclusive.

    Hope they did switch to UE4, as that garbage engine of DR3 was locked at 30 fps.

    • Actually the DLC did make it over. It was only the lame arena mode (Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha) that didn’t come to PC.

      • You can hardly call anything with a name like that lame.

        • The joke wasn’t original even at that time, I think.

    • id rather see a lost planet remake:(

    • It’s microsoft exclusive

    • From a console perspective it is still an exclusive….PC’s don’t count I keep telling people.

    • The PC version *does* have all the DLC.

    • You can unlock the framrate with simple .ini editing and it’s quite stable. I finished the game with 100% achievement on my GTX980, getting 70-80fps on high setting and no serious issues. Granted, the game is quite demanding.

  2. And another GameStop employee just lost a job…

  3. Just give us a PS4 release and I’ll be happy enough. I was pretty disappointed by the 3rds Xbox exclusivity.

  4. dear rising 4 is already on pc why re make a game like this when you could release lost planet on pc.i can tell you i wont be buying this from the win 10 store.

    • there is no dead rising 4 until this game comes out

      • oh yea ill correct that thx.tyops you know

        • lost planet 1 2 and 3 are already on pc

          • never knew that it must be dear rising because of the leaked dear rising 4 posters leak.

    • Lost planet is already on pc .

  5. Nice

  6. Better be coming to PS4

    • Funded by Microsoft = No Chance

      • They dare not unless they think that we’d all just forget the huge deal Microsoft made about doing away with exclusivity.

        • Did Dead Rising 3 come out on Playstation 4? No? Oh. What on earth makes you think they’d release it on PS4? That would be like spoon-feeding some of their player base to a competitor.

          And I have never seen anything to suggest Microsoft would “do away with” exclusives. That would be incredibly dumb from a marketing perspective.

        • Dead Rising 1 was never on PS3 to begin with, so a remake on X1/PC only changes nothing for PS gamers.

          • At the time DR1 was released, the ps3 was still relatively new, and traditionally multi-platform developers were struggling to make heads or tails of the new cell architecture. The PS3 had a sparse release calendar in general during that time, until Sony made it more accessible through updated sdk tools.

            Dead Rising 2 and “Off the Record” were both released for the PS3, as was “Case Zero” -and they sold far more copies than the original. Hell, Capcom even released a modified version of the original Dead Rising on the Wii… I wouldn’t say it was a GOOD version, but it’s existence supports the franchise multi platform history. It can factually be said that less than half of the franchise has been exclusive to Xbox platforms.

            Microsoft doesn’t own the franchise (barring the undisclosed details of whatever exclusivity agreement they have, the IP still belongs to Capcom, who Microsoft also doesn’t own.)

            Capcom has been pretty happy to do exclusivity deals quite often over the last few years, timed and otherwise. The latest Street Fighter being ps4 exclusive, Dead Rising 3 being only on XBone for example. I would *like* to see this go multi-platform, but given the financial slippage of Capcom on recent years, I’m not holding my breath. But again, it’s not a first party franchise, so who knows.

        • Are you fucking stupid? They said they are doing away with TIMED exclusivity. Why would they get rid of exclusive games you moron? Hey guys, Halo is coming to PS4…………. No.

        • They already have a deal with MS since the Xbox One was released.

          Now Sony buying out Streetfighter that is something not to forget even if it has flopped.

    • probably not… Microsoft will not make her own games anymore, gears, halo and forza are not what they were one day. Closed 3 studios this year. And this is It’s future, make third party games be exclusives, they have money for it.

      • And you think Sony don’t pay lol, Sonys big games are not what they once were either and who do you think paid for Streetfighter and Bloodbourne, ?.

        Sony have sold off everything but the kitchen sink including game studios but of course you don’t want to know that.

        Both companies know when to call it a day if the profit isn’t there, actually it took Sony 10 years and Billions in loses before they finally did it

        • hahahaha. Maybe YOU don’t know. Like Bloodborne, Sony didn’t just payed, Japan Studio is co-creators, the DLCs were 90% made by Sony. Like Demon’s Souls, they needed the funding and help, so Sony gave it for them. And Ono itself told that SF V Would not exist without Sony: “We’re not talking about how we’re handling post-launch content, but I can say the relationship with Sony does open doors for things we haven’t been able to do in the past,” the representative said. “The relationship serves a gameplay and development purpose, and not just a marketing value.”.

          Sony has 14 studios making their games. 4 of them are helpers studios like, Japan Studios and santa monica, with multiple games produced at the same time. And you come here and say that the 5 studios microsoft has are enough? kkk Grow-up, be smarter.

  7. Here hoping it comes to PS4 or atleast not Windows 10 only

  8. Are we playing Frank West again? Sweet.

    • He’s covered wars, you know…

  9. Capcom Vancouver… then it can go fuck itself. Ever since the reins were given to that shitty studio, the series went downhill.

    The first game though, made internally, is super strong.

  10. Who the F is Jason Schreier (verified, no less!)?

    • hes sjw , nuff said .

  11. This really isnt a big coup for Xbox lool im sorry but just no lol

    • Isn’t it ? what you really mean is it’s not coming out for your console but rather than leave it at that you thought you would post something negative about it.

      Don’t worry i’m sure Sony will announce something exclusive as well and i have no doubt you will then be posting what a big deal it is .

      • NO.. SERIOUSLY! it’s NOT a big coup loool… considering that these monotonous zombie games are a dime a dozen.. and there are better examples of the genre that are already multiplatform like Dying Light.. getting dead Rising 4(1 re-imagined) REALLLYYY isn’t a coup and is CERTAINLY not a system seller…

        It has NOTHING to do with me being a Playstation fan and has everything to do with the lack of care this genre of game brings in modern gaming lol.. honestly.. but it is entertaining that you were soo quick to jump to the fanboy conclusion instead of just discussing why i thought so…? a little defensive no..? lol

        • Tip, before you claim you are not a fanboy hide your post history.

          • so are you just sutpid or can you not read..? i literally say this has nothing to do WITH me being a Playstation fan.. i didnt say im NOT a Playstaiton fan you idiot..

            Before you try acting liek you’re some witty hilarious guy at least learn to read.. But i am indeed honored that you took time out in your day to check up on me :).. just try harder next time and come correct kid.

            Thank you

        • Forget DR4, if it’s State of Decay 2 then this is HUGE news.

          • and left 4 dead 3

          • left 4 dead was.. is.. and always will be an incredible co-op game/experience.

          • lol damage controlling ps4 fanboys dude. Deadrising is one of the best xbox 360 exclusives, people have been wanting a remake of the first game. Stop talking about things you know nothing about. You can’t compare left 4 dead and deadrising, they’re completely different games. Dying Light was a 7 hour snoozefest that was so easy to break. Also nothing like Dead Rising. All it was is basically a slightly better dead island.

            What I don’t get the hype for is State of Decay 2. I put 50 hours into it, and it was just a buggy mess with bad frame drops and no co-op, which is what everyone wanted. I recall one time where I found a bird frozen in mid air. It was a buggy ass game.

          • i do like State of Decay.. my cousin played it loads with mods and all lol.. but this games coming from Capcom so it wont be that

        • >Dying Light
          >Genric assassins creed with zombies

          Oh boy I am laughing.

        • >Dying Light
          >Generic assassinc creed game with zombies

          Oh boy, I am laughing. Also even with the recent leaks people are pulling the remake shit based on assumptions over a few photos.

          Dead Rising 1 was a good zombie game, its 2 and 3 that dropped the ball.

          • you CLEARLY dont know what generic means OR how to use the damn word.. because ALL zombie survival games can be classified as generic in some for or the other.. but Dying Light at least attempts to do something different with it’s more serious narrative.. night and day cycle gameplay mechanic and parkour.. Im not saying the game is a masterpiece but you clearly didnt even play the game or apparently dont know hwo to judge.

            And i dont get why you’re in the comments if you yourself know Dead rising 2 and 3 sucked!? :-S Dying light is a deffo better game than the whole Dead Rising franchise seeing as 2 out of 3 games in the franchise were trash.. so once again how does Dead Rising 4 being exclusive to Xbox count as a big coup on the part of Microsoft..? :S

          • “you CLEARLY dont know what generic means OR how to use the damn word.. because ALL zombie survival games can be classified as generic in some for or the other”

            You mean like all media everywhere? Yes in that instance everything has been done before but that doesn’t make it generic. Dying Light literally looks like every first person zombie crafting simulator except it has parkour, infact it looks very similar to dead island other than it having better graphics and parkour.

            “but Dying Light at least attempts to do something different with it’s more serious narrative.. night and day cycle gameplay mechanic and parkour.”

            Dead Rising 1 had day and night cycles, it also had a serious narrative if you actually played the games and weren’t asserting your obvious bias, ironic given your previous comments. Dead Rising also allowed you to use any weapon (within reason) at your disposal.

            “Im not saying the game is a masterpiece but you clearly didnt even play the game or apparently dont know hwo to judge”

            You might want to learn how to spell properly.

            “And i dont get why you’re in the comments if you yourself know Dead rising 2 and 3 sucked!?”

            Because Dead Rising 4 is rumoured to be like the original, I will be the first person to say it sucks if it looks like it when announced at E3. Also saying Dead Rising 2 sucks was an exaggeration on my part.

            “Dying light is a deffo better game than the whole Dead Rising franchise seeing as 2 out of 3 games in the franchise were trash.. so once again how does Dead Rising 4 being exclusive to Xbox count as a big coup on the part of Microsoft..? :S”

            This a mute point given that Dying Light isn’t even a series and so that comparison is useless. Dead Rising 1 was a good game before is sequels, same thing could happen with Dying Light.

            As stated the rumours show it returning to its roots, with Frank being the main character and the location being a snowy Willamette. It could end up being terrible but I guess we shall just have to see, as it stands its looking like a big coup.

        • Who cares if it’s “generic” or “revolutionary” – what matters is whether its FUN. Jesus, did you losers forget what the essence of gaming is?
          And fuck it, I love my ps4, so I’m both happy for xbox players and jealous because I wish I could play this too. Stop being combative about everything (I’ve played all previous entries on my xb360 or PC and so far the franchise has been nothing but fun, zombie games being a dime a dozen be damned)

          • first of all the games fun for about an hour, then it becomes a monotonous repetitive game with weak writing and storytelling. But that’s just the opinion of the general public which is why these games dont really sell anymore!

            Secondly i was stating the games NOT a coup.. THAT’S my main point.. not enough people care about this game for it to seem like a massive win for Xbox and a loss for Playstation… and look at the games reception.. E3’s come and gone and where’s the buzz…? wheres the hype..? NO WHERE because no one effing caress!!! as fun as it may be we ALL KNOW what to expect from a generic game like this where it’s more impresssive to have more numbers of zombies on the screen than any sort of unique AI in the game or a worthwhile story or gameplay elements ¬_¬…

          • Do you actually know what you’re blathering about? There’s PLENTY of buzz in the gaming world, both during and after e3. Sorry there wasn’t anything “revolutionary” for you in there, but those of us that seek to have fun found plenty 😉 Legend of Zelda announcement for Nintendo lovers and for those of us on consoles the next .5 generation as well as plenty of games and sequels including the next dishonored and deus ex amongst so many others were showcased. We xbox and playstation games had fun joshing with each other and talking about who killed it at e3 as well for a while, which reminds me, I remember quite a lot of buzz being generated when Sony unveiled the next in the series for God of War.

          • you do realise im a console gamer right..? :S… You’re actually retarded just plain and simple…

            EVERYTHING i said holds water… look how long E3 has passed yet people are STILL dropping articles ever other day about God Of War.. Yet when was the last time anyone even MENTIONED DeadRising..? BECAUSE THERE’S NO BUZZ FOR IT!! You’re actually stupid…

            Also if you dont want revolutions in gaming then you are part of the problem on why game franchises get stagnate/stale and disappear into the bag of bad reviews ONLY to complain after release. You clearly dont know much about games and i dont even know why im arguing with what clearly is a 13year old lool… so enjoy your life kid

      • theres been a ton of zombie games since the first dead rising and they have been better. only noobs who still own a xbox one which isnt many care about dead rising. meanwhile everyone else is in love with games like dying light, the walking dead, COD zombies, 7 days to die etc,etc

    • what a big coup mean?

      • a big coup means like a massive action that is going to make a massive difference to one side than the other.

    • I don’t put much faith in Capcom Vancouver. However, given a proper budget I think Undead Labs could make a really great game.

      • 100% me and this other guy even mentioned State of Decay in another comment… because THAT would be a big deal.. im sorry but Dead Rising is certainly not a big enough franchise to be considered a coup by ANY means lol

    • I agree so many more zombie games out there now and tv shows like the walking dead to wear no one could honestly give 2 fucks about this old game.

  12. cant wait to be open world

  13. who said it was going to the ps4 lol f ing fanboys

  14. microsoft pays for this but kameo 2 and fable 4 concepts? nope. go f myself. ok.

  15. the player name is chase form Dead Rising Watchtower and look at this

  16. Why would they call a Remake DeadRising 4? Maybe it takes place in the same town as the original and thats why people think it is a remake?

  17. i think this is the dumbest thing ever. Remaking of DR1 and calling it DR4… because it’s at Christmas time. that’s like saying FFVII Remake is FFXVI. dumb shit tornados.

    • yet youre on here???

      • Yet, I’m on here. expressing my opinion towards my distaste. What is the problem? Just because it isn’t an approval of what is happening I can’t comment? Are you seriously saying that people who disagree with something aren’t allowed to express their discontent? So only people who think this is marvelous can comment? Gee, who knew what freedom of speech meant…=

  18. Thats not Frank west

  19. OMG if it is a remake, that means:

    Adam is back
    those freaking raincoat cultists
    and combo weapons around Willamette Mall? sweet
    hope they not just remake the mall, but also expand it.
    one of the things that I missed from Dr3 was the malls, there were so few stores while the rest of the game was just deep grey and a “twd” style, which killed the real dead rising atmosphere.
    But really tho, “Dead Rising 4” is a wrong title choice for a remake title.
    should be called “Dead Rising Re-covering Wars”

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