Horizon: Zero Dawn Collector’s Edition Revealed

Along with the new release date of Horizon: Zero Dawn details of the Collector’s Edition have also come out.

UPDATE: Confirmed for the US and EU and priced at $120 it contains the following:

  • 9 inch Aloy Statue by Gentle Giant
  • Steelbook case
  • The Art of Horizon: Zero Dawn
  • Exclusive PS4 theme
  • Exclusive DLC


The Collector’s Edition looks pretty sweet and I’ll be picking it up for that price.  What do you think of the Collector’s Edition? Tell us in the comments below.




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  1. Add a soundtrack and you have the CE I wish every game had.

  2. I’m all in with this game, no question.

  3. 3 playable/companions characters…

    It smells like there will be tons of items to get, for the different characters… and when we say ‘get’, it means ‘buy’.

    Because there will be no multi-player,
    For sure they’re going to implement a system, where we will be able to buy boosters, power ups,outfits, and thousands other items.

    Because that’s what these gaming companies know the best : making games where the gamer will have to purchase things, in order to get the ‘full experience ‘.

    • Where did it say anything about companion characters? The DLC that comes with this is for Aloy the main character. I wouldn’t worry too much about micro transactions for this game.

  4. I would’ve considered it with a crazy Dino statue. I love the protagonist, but not so much to keep a permanent statue of her in my games room.

    • I too would have liked a statue of the Dino or one mirroring the box art with the dino and a tiny Aloy aiming her bow at it.

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