There’s a Huge Third Party Exclusive Remake Coming to Windows 10 and Xbox One Funded by Microsoft

Microsoft’s Xbox has been the talk of the town in the gaming media in the last couple of days with rumours ranging from streaming devices, newer hardware, and leaks all surrounding the Microsoft system. Today, we bring you another leak that there’s a huge third party exclusive remake set to be revealed at E3 for Xbox One and Windows 10 that’s being funded by Microsoft.

Update: According to the insider who shared this information, the game will also include “4 player co-op”.

“I can’t specify which game just yet, but there’s a huge exclusive remake coming to Windows 10 and Xbox One. It’s a third party game being funded by MS. :)”

So, what could the leak be referring to? Well, we have a few guesses for that:

  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Crimson Skies
  • Lost Planet
  • Left 4 Dead
  • Amped
  • Dead Rising

The insider also dropped another clue on the game:

“It’s a great game to play for when the weather outside is frightful.”

What do you think it could be? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Silent Hill, perhaps?

    • @cheap_boss_attack:disqus I don’t see Silent Hills working as a 4 player co-op game.

      • Very true, I missed that part entirely. Assuming Dead Rising.

  2. “It’s a great game to play for when the weather outside is frightful.” lost planet remake so pc gamers can play it.

    • @disqus_6Putk03FJ1:disqus

      Doubtful that Capcom would take Lost Planet and make it exclusive, especially since they opened the franchise up to other platforms after the first one. Not saying it would never happen.

      • yea i already saw the leadked dear rising 4 poster so it most likely be dear rising 1 remake

    • We can play lost planet already.

  3. its a remake of DeadRising. lame

    • i think DR is exclusive but i think this is separate from them. DR isn’t huge

      • @xbox1rules23:disqus Honestly MS pays for this to remain exclusive but not because of sales performance. It doesn’t do bad sales wise but I couldn’t imagine it being a huge profit center for MS or Capcom.

  4. I didn’t believe the rumor until I read COOP. Microsoft surely loves to have co-op on it’s games, so it may be true.

    I love how Microsoft focuses on coop games. I miss that on PlayStation games

    • @rafoca:disqus I wasn’t aware that a feature of the PlayStation publishing process was to remove all co-op gameplay. 🙂 Last I checked all those 3rd party co-op games you are playing on Xbox still had co-op on the PlayStation.

      • I’m talking about AAA console exclusives though.

        Name the AAA console exclusives on PlayStation that have coop. =)

        In advance I will name the Xbox ones: halo, gears, sunset overdrive, crackdown, halo Wars 2, dead rising 3, scalebound… Even Ryse has a co-op mode

    • Riiiight…. Halo? One of the dumbest decisions ever.

      • I have a feeling with new, significantly more powerful hardware on the way Halo splitscreen may see life again…. I hope so anyway.

      • It’s sad that it didn’t have split screen, but I played the whole game in four players online co-op, so I really don’t care to be honest. I feel sad for people that actually care…

  5. Well L4D2 images were leaked a long while back running on Source 2.. though TBH, after all this time I’m not sure a remake would be more a kick in the balls or not, given most would want a 3rd game not a remake.

  6. The Lost Guardian.

  7. omg Crimson Skies is long over do

  8. I thought Xbone was backwards compatible…

  9. Battletoads!!!!!!!!!

  10. No thanks, Quantum break was enough.

    • QB was a remake?

      • That implies that a non existing old QB was great. Quantum Break is the worst Remedy game to date unlike those other games they made.

  11. I know MS has 100% funded Dead Rising 4, so it’s probably referring to this.

  12. Fanboy dream here but what if it’s GTA Vice City?

  13. Clearly Left for Dead…. meets all the criteria.
    Third party exclusive = Valve
    Play When Weather Frightful = Horror
    Coop = 4 players
    Huge = Sold well
    The games they should remake 3rd Party Exclusive
    1. Escape from Butcher Bay
    2. KOTOR

    • It is Dead Rising 4… It is a remake of Dead Rising 1.. with 4 player Co-Op.. cat is already out of the bag… :-/

  14. What if it’s time splitters? It’s really old and could use a good remake

  15. Original: Half Life. (and with co-op it is going to be sweet!)

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