ReCore Release Date Leaked

ReCore is a soon to be action-adventure game by Comcept and Armature Studios, due to be published by Microsoft for Xbox One and Windows platforms. It was initially revealed at last year’s E3 during the Microsoft conference, putting the player in the shoes of a young woman who is accompanied by a robotic dog companion.


The game has been put up for sale on by UK retail website, SimplyGames for a pre-order price of £40, however they have also put up a release date of October 28th, 2016 (meaning that American players will more than likely be receiving their copies on the 25th October, 2016.

The release date has since been taken down, and is now showing as TBC 2016.

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  1. What is your source? Which “UK retailer” site did you visit to clip that image from? Why not post a direct link?

    You may have legitamite information in this article but because you do not provide a primary source nor do you mention the site by name your credibility is shakey at best.

    Furthermore, claiming to be the first to break the news and then requesting others to cite you as a source without providing one yourself is unprofessional. This watermarked image could very easily be photo shopped and reeks of hype riding click bait.

    Please provide a source to remove any doubt in your credibility and earn respect as a proper journalist.

    • I am on mobile so if a source is listed I cannot see i because of this I apologize. If this is the case, a hyperlink in the article would be ideal.

      Also you have advertisements on your site that render the page useless for mobile users because they take over the entirety of the screen with no close button in the window. I have to stop loading your site manually before they pop up and after the text loads or I am unable to read your content.

      • Generally I ignore all this bull-rumour mill….but in defence of the poster, they provide a screenshot of the sale rather than a link because typically once MS/Sony realise there’s been a leak it soon gets removed (hence a link is pointless).

    • I don’t see a source either. I just see “UK retail website”

    • Actually, now I see “SimplyGames” Not sure if that was there yesterday. It says “UK retail website, SimplyGames…”

      So maybe it is a legit leak..

  2. AUHSAUHSUHASUHASAHSASH! yeah right! Inafune released Mighty No.9 right on schedule! XD

    • Yeah lets compare an indie kickstarter to a game backed by Microsoft = Brilliant !!

      • RIght! AAA games NEVER get delayed. Specially one being done by a guy that is drowning on it´s own projects and can´t put a single one out there on schedule!

        • Nice strawman, never said AAA games never get delayed, I was pointing out the flaw in comparing an AAA game to a kickstarter.

  3. how are people excited about this damn game!!! you’ve LITERALLY seen NOTHING of the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How are people hyped for this!? like honestly

    • Same way people got hyped about Destiny without actually seeing anything. It’s a sci-fi based game – and the style/graphics looks neat. That’s enough for people to get a taste of what is coming; so if they’re excited by it but you are not then don’t hold it against them.

      • WHAT!? Destiny came out with a trailer and gameplay back to back!

        we know it’s a sci-fi game.. WE KNOW NOTHIGN OF THE GRAPHICS AS WE’VE ONLY HAD A CGI TRAILER! So what the hellll are you talking about!?

        I reiterate theres nothing to be HYPED about.. people can be excited about the game coming but people are HYPING this game including it in lists of most anticipated and other accoladed convos/lists when we LITERALLY know nothing!

        So NO this is NOTHING like Destiny!

        • Seriously you need to take a chill-pill. We’ll agree to disagree – or does that bother you that everyone doesn’t see life as you do?
          Others are excited by the little reveal of ReCore…..get over it/yourself.

          • doesnt bother me at all.. lol.. all i did was disprove what you had to say about Destiny.

            You clearly seem to not understand the validity of my point but whatever you dont have to be in my mentions so stay out of them.. it’s simple

          • You’re actually autistic lmao

          • you must not know what autistic means… Unless you meant Artistic then thank you kind sir 🙂

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