Top 5 Shocking Video Game Announcement Rumors for E3 2016

Game announcements are one of the biggest events at E3 – that and news of IPs, advancements in hardware, indie games, the list goes on.  Rumors are dished out in the coming months to sweeten the pot and make the payoff that more epic.  So what are some of the top games that are rumored to be announced this year?


Dead Rising 4

Capcom gave us the first Dead Rising back in 2006 – an open world zombie game that mixed survival horror with a beat the snot out of zombies with anything you have or can find.  You play as Frank West, a photo journalist sent to a small town to investigate what turns into a Zombie outbreak. The game was third person view with hundreds of weapons and different modes of play with multiple endings.  The game garnered high praise for its diversity and spawned several sequels and prequels.  With Dead Rising 3 being an Xbox One exclusive in 2013 and the momentum and fan based gained, rumors starting flying of the 4th game in the series.  A poster released fueled the rumors of a 4th game, or potentially a high-def remake of the 1st game with new modes and weapons.  Whatever the release, fans are wanting the buzz to be true and we get at least a next entry in the series.


Red Dead Redemption 2

The third game from Rockstar San Diego’s Red Dead Series was rumored after what appeared to be a map of the game was leaked earlier this year.  Red Dead Revolver came out in 2004, Red Dead Redemption was the top game in 2010 winning numerous game of the year awards.  The 3rd person perspective of playing John Marston in the early 1900s Wild West, players had the experience of open world game play where you could do anything from taking on bad guys to playing cards to hunting.  After the campaign and 2 DLC’s the player was treated to an open ending where a sequel was just begging to be produced.  Given the success and the time frame, rumors went nuts after a post of a screenshot of the next game’s map was leaked.  E3 would be the perfect floor to announce the next game in style.


God of War 4

God of War, the series on the Playstation that brought us Kratos, a fallen Spartan Soldier turned man out for revenge against the Gods for their meddling and killing of his family.  The adventure series gave us some loosely based Greek Mythology and had some of the most epic grandiose boss fights in video game history.  God of War was released in 2005 for Playstation 2, God of War 2 released the following year, and 3 for PS3 in 2010.  Santa Monica Studios pushed the processing power of the Playstation to the limit and offered beautiful scenery juxtaposed with blood, violence and sex.  A prequel game, Ascension, was released in 2013 and gave us some background on Kratos, while introducing competitive multiplayer.  The remastered series brought new players, and then of course rumors started to fly about God of War 4.  After the announcement that a God of War project was in development some pictures were released detailed a Norse Mythology setting, possibly abandoning Kratos all together or perhaps not?  With all the rumors flying, this E3 would be a perfect setting for Sony to have a big release and show a trailer.


Resident Evil 7

Another Capcom title rumored for details at E3, this one comes on the heels of lots of activity from the RE folks in the form of remakes in HD for current gen consoles.  Reports state the game will return to the horror roots, something of a welcomed sight for fans, as the series in recent years have gone downhill.  Even if it is shown at E3 this year, further rumors state a 2017 release in order to make way for the Resident Evil 2 remake.  Twitter releases from the head of Kantan Games have driven desire for the new game in the form of renewed vigor in storytelling and design with hiring of heavy hitters from the MGS series.  Fans can agree, with the mediocre response to Resident Evil 6, RE7 will need to be a total revamp and with projections of returning to the way it was – it might be just what the series needs.


Shadow of Mordor 2

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor was quite the hit when it released in 2014.  Bridging a side story and gap between The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogy, you played as a fallen Ranger who’s spirit is sent back to take revenge,  sometimes in the most violent of ways.  Elements of Parkour and multi combat fighting as well as 3 options to take on missions, players were treated with the same grandeur as the films and visions from the books.  So with only the game releasing in 2014, why do we think a sequel is in the works?  Rumors on story to combat style and even a potential release date in the UK have been documented in recent months, and that has fueled the hype for this fan favorite.  Given a shorter time span for production, we can only hope that a possible announcement or glimpse of a future game could be shown at this E3.

One thing everyone can agree on, no matter what games will or will not be released, it is looking like another great year for gaming – one where we all will have full plates.  With E3 just a week away, what news or releases are you looking forward to?  Stay tuned to ThisGenGaming on Twitter @TGGamingReviews for all the E3 news and releases.

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