First Forza Horizon 3 Details Leaked, 30FPS On Xbox One And 60FPS On PC

In light of the recent leaks we’ve been getting with regards to other major games, Forza Horizon 3 has also had some interesting details unwillingly leaked by a credible source Ekim, from a popular gaming forum NeoGAF.

From what we know, the game will involve more variety than ever before, and PC users will be graced with 6o FPS while we believe console users will have a cap of 30, however he didn’t directly confirm this but his wording seemed to clarify the question.

The game is likely to feature a campaign with intentions of motivating the player with the additional overall track design being improved for the game, with some pretty well known landmarks that you’ll be able to notice while driving along. We’re yet to have confirmation that the game will feature offroad tracks, however Ekim didn’t comment further on the question of “less offroad”, so we’re seeing this as an indication that the developers have decided to change little to nothing in this regard.

Much like another popular game, Grand Theft Auto V where you are given a wide variety of different radio stations to listen to with many different genres, Forza Horizon 3 will try to use this idea to their advantage as Ekim states that “every player will enjoy at least one radio station”

This is all we currently know, however with the amount of leaks that are cropping up throughout the days leading up to E3, we’re going to be scouring the internet to update you when we know more.

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  1. Very hyped for Forza Horizon 3. This game will definitely destroy grand turismo sport. Forza the best racing game franchise. Buying it on Xbox One.

    • why cant you just enjoy the game without tryign to start a flame war..?

      Plus how stupid are you comparing a sim-cade open world racer to an on track racer!? LIKE ARE YOU ACTUALLY STUPID!!!?

      That’s like me laughign at this announcement and saying oh this game sucks because it’s 30FPS when GT Sport is 60FPS! But that is a stupid comparison anyways because ones open world which is A LOT more taxing on the hardware than closed circuit racers!

      You really are an idiot and Forza will never be considered the best regardless lool

      • Typical ponie insults are your creed. The truth is Forza is considered the best racing game franchise. Grand Turismo that series is been going downhill since the PS2.

        • im insulting nothing… im being seirous.. Gran Turismo will always be considered the best simulator… I really do like Forza and respect what it brings to the table.. but Gran Turismo doesnt do the numbers and get the reviews it does WITHOUT it doing something right.

          It’s not considered the best.. by some reviewers yes.. but not by the majority unfortunately…

          Whether or not FH3 is the best is fine by me.. because i love and appreciate the EFFORT turn 10 take with Forza so i wouldnt even be mad about it.

          • I haven’t seen GT being praised as the best simulator since PS2 days. Forza has held that title on consoles for a long time as a general consensus among most reviewers. However neither Forza or GT is considered the best sim. That honor would go to one of the several sims on PC.

          • of course the sim’s on PC are incredible.. from the little details to physics to graphical fidelity the PC sims are head and shoulders above console ones… However i think it’s obvious im talking about console sims here.. and reviewers STILL rate GT VERY high reviews.. you may assume that your IGNs and Gamespots represent the larger reviewer consensus but they really dont, Forza 6 is the FIRST Forza that universally got higher reviews than a Gran turismo game.. and even sits on a 87 metacritic but there hasnt been a Gran Tursismo game on next gen until sport, so really comparing the two series is extremely difficult until both are on the same gen of consoles. know what i mean..?

          • I agree I don’t think you can compare one gen to another. We can when GT sport comes out later and I expect it to be close in quality to be honest. I’m glad GT is dropping the low quality assets. A big complaint I had for GT was that I felt like they were arbitrarily inflating the numbers by keeping the PS2 models in the game.

          • 1000% agree.. i hated GT’s attempt to bolster numbers by adding low quality assets for the sake of the numbers game! ¬_¬.. im glad this game will be more focused on the experience rather than the stats…

          • Considering the crap those reviewers let Forza get away with, that’s no surprise.

            In reality, the ONLY people calling Forza the best sim on consoles is Xbox fanboys.

          • I’d like to hear your detailed reason for feeling that way. You can disable all of the aids on Forza and it is an advanced sim. I’ve played every GT since the first one and it has more or less felt the same to me since the PS2 era. Forza on the other hand felt different from 2 to three and so on. Forza 5 and 6 feel the same to me but there have been noticeable improvements. Based on my experience I’m calling bs on this.

          • One simple problem I have with Forza is the rewind feature. I just have a hard time calling a game with such a feature a sim. The inability to race any track at day or night, the fact that they still haven’t implemented dynamic weather or lighting, altering dimensions of real-world tracks, oversaturated colors that give everything a cartoony look. Cardboard cutout crowds(not an impact on gameplay, but just really weird).

            GT 5 and 6 may have felt similar; I didn’t get much time with the latter before my game and system were stolen. They felt nothing like GT4, though, and that game felt nothing like its predecessor. I haven’t played any of the latest Forza, but what little I DID play of 5 did not impress.

            It’s cool to be able to create whatever livery you like for your car, but I’d rather take another racing mode, honestly. I’d rather be able to take on the Nurburgring for 24 hours in whatever weather comes. And while Forza is rarely ever docked points for lacking that, GT HAS been marked down for not having a livery editor like Forza.

          • You can disable the rewind feature. The thing is that they designed Forza so that people who are not sim diehards can still enjoy it. The diehards can turn all of that off and have the sim that they want. It is the best of both worlds and no one misses out.

            Some of the other complaints are fair such as the day/night racing. Forza 5 was ok but obviously a rush to meet the launch of the Xbox one. Forza 6 is a lot better in my opinion but it is purely subjective on my part.

      • Forza Horizon 3 is an open world arcade racing game not a simulator. 30fps as I experienced in FH2 runs great. It’s time to nail the bloodsucking Grand Turismo vampire.

        • EXACTLY that’s the point… so you cant compare the two… plus let’s behave ourselves Gran Turismo will always be considered legendary and CERTIANLY will sell more than Forza.. and i really appreciate Forza as a series.

          • I wish this kind of argument would end. GT should sell better since there are twice as many PS4’s out there in comparison. Sales have no correlation to quality so this argument is flawed.

            I for one am hoping GT sport is good but I’m not sure about the legendary status that you talk about. It was the first console sim and started the trend for console sims so you can’t take that away from it but they kind of didn’t do much to improve since the PS2 days which is why Forza was able to take the crown from them.

          • im not insinuating sales = quality.. i myself hate that argument im simply defending the series against a person who seemingly is belittlign the impact and influence of GT to the industry.

            Forza 6 is the ONLY Forza with enough universal praise to be considered better than Gran Turismo… Gran Turismo hasnt even launched on this Gen so it is annoying as well as quite unfair that people still compare these current gen games to old gen games.. but in a way that stands as testoment to the quality of the GT series.

            And as a reference to the legendary status… Bringing the sim genre to the forefront of gaming.. being some of the highest rated games.. being at the forefront of graphics as well as being the number one most selling game in it’s genre cements itself as legend… Let it be clear, when they announce another Forza it’s NOT met with the same level of wonder as a new Gran Turismo

          • I wouldn’t say every Forza game is better than GT but I do think both Forza 4 and 6 were better.

            I think you are correct that a new Forza game doesn’t generate the same level of excitement as a new GT game but I think there is a different reason for that. Forza releases every two years like clockwork. GT games are few and far between which I think makes their releases seem more special.

          • yeah that has to do with it too… but you always get that excitement from journalists and gmers wit ha general sense of ‘the king is back’ type atmosphere…

            IM A MASSIVE RACING FAN! And i thought Forza was a joke of a series UNTIL 4.. that was the first game in the series where i took the series a true racing behemoth and it was fully deserved.. but even then i dont think it was better than the GT available at the time… However Forza 5 cemented itself as the ‘better’ racer but it released on next gen and GT 6 dropped on last gen and we havent had a GT this current gen till GT Sport so things remain to be seen/.. PLUS i really do like/admire Forza 6 thats for damn sure!

      • gt sport is a ps3 game or at least looks like

        • LOOOL!!! you’re hilarious.. but you try toooo hard

          • lolololololol you try to hard to defend that pos gt sport…ponie

          • oh. dear… good luck in life man lol

      • Wasting your time.

      • Your average Xbox fanboys’ personality defects are too strong for them to act like decent human beings.

        • i duno why they’re like this!? ¬_¬

    • Damage control from an Xbox drone who’s gonna have to get used to eating more shit than usual. Links up with that damage control you did on Asshole Madan’s fanboy blog with your worthless anecdotes to cover up Halo 5’s failure. 🙂

      • You again. Halo 5 earn $400 million in it’s first week. I don’t see any failure.

        • Includes overpriced console bundles, loser. Not only did UC4 do half of what Delaylo 5 did with software sales alone, it’s sold over half in one week what it took Delaylo 5 to shift in three months. No wonder the PS4 dominated in yet another NPD. But your pathetic anecdote!!! LOL!

          • What about all delays PS4 games from recently No Man’s Sky, Horizon Zero, Persona 5, and Shenmue 3 which I bet will either be released in 2018 or be cancelled. Uncharted got delayed for 3 years also.

          • NMS got moved a month and a half past its initial date, Horizon got moved two months, Persona 5 isn’t even a Sony game and Shenmue 3 never got a release date. Wanna talk about delays? Halo 5, Quantum Break, Cuphead, ReCore, Scalebound, Crackdown 3. That’s not even talking about cancellations like Fable Legends and Phantom Dust. Looks like delays live on the Shitbox Done. 🙂

          • Horizon zero and Persona 5 are being delayed until next year. No Shenmue 3 at E3, Final Fantasy remastered is coming to the Xbox One and NX. Phantom Dust isn’t cancelled it’s being developed by new company. Looks delays live on the Shitstation 4. ?

          • A two month delay from a crowded period in a year where the PS4 already got 8 exclusives. Persona 5 isn’t a Sony game. Shenmue 3 never got a release period, don’t try and change the subject. You only hope FFIVR comes to the Shitbox. Phantom Dust is dead as shit. Lies and deceit live on the Shitbox Done.

            Maybe you can go back to that imaginary Gamestop you run and sell imaginary Shitboxes to make yourself feel better. ?

          • the delaysytation and indiestation…lmao

          • This is the 4th time I’ve seen Revolver Ocelot having a melt down on an Xbox article.

          • Meltdown? I’m laughing at you. 😀

          • Sure you are

          • You have issues…go back to your PS4 and stay off the comment boards. Both systems are great, both experience publisher game delays which for the most part are out of their control, and both are worthy of purchase. Trashing one system over another is non-productive.

          • the delaystation…lol all e3 will be for them now is games they showed last year that got delayed again….lmao

          • Someone is sipping that fanboy Kool-Aid. I’m not trying to rip on Sony here since many games get delayed and it is stupid to hate on a platform for a software related delay but since you don’t seem to be open minded…………here it goes. You seem to be forgetting the long delay that DriveClub experienced as well as the almost decade long delay for the Last Guardian. Your argument is so dumb and dishonest I kind of feel sorry for you.

          • Games get delayed. Sometimes for years, sometimes for a few weeks. Sometimes they make a good game better, sometimes they don’t. Xbox fanboys usually try and use it as some negative point while they go through terrible droughts most of the year until November when they get rehashes. I have no patience for that bullshit.

        • dont forget 5m in 3 months after release…lol

      • the damage control will happen when that ps3 looking gt sport is released…lmao

      • What Halo 5 failure would you be referencing exactly?

    • I wouldn’t hate on GT sport just yet. It doesn’t have damage modeling but they may have made some other improvements. They’ve ditched the 2 tier quality assets that the last games used to pad out the car numbers. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  2. i still would still take console over the pc version.pc gamers still wont buy from the win 10 one would more populated. to me.

    • That’s the issue facing Microsoft. I think Microsoft should abandon PC gaming. The numbers show Xbox One sells better that Windows 10 PC.

      • some people on pc will buy it on pc and thats all they want thats why ms wants cross play and cross buy.more people will play it on xbox one then pc by a mile even if they add cross play xbox one gamers will stick with xbox one gamers. most will not play with pc gamers thats just how it is.

        thats why even tho i have a pc i wont buy it from the win 10 store.ill get it on the xbox a xbox one gamer i dont want to play with pc gamers because they cheat.

      • Microsoft just needs to abandon trying to force people into using their idiotic store that no one PC wants or needs. PC gaming is doing just fine, and has been for a long time without Windows 10 store. PC game sales are doing fine, just not on Windows Store

        • I’m not saying I disagree with you necessarily but the same argument was brought up for every digital PC store ever. Origin, Uplay, and even Steam when it was first created. I wish there was only Steam but it all comes down to getting a cut of the sale. Steam charges a certain percentage to list the game and the publisher loses that money. This is the reason why all of these stores exist.

          • You’re right about that, but Microsoft has had a reputation and a tendency (even moreso under Ballmer) to either abuse their power or make things aggressively annoying whenever the opportunity presents itself. They scared Valve into trying to make Linux into a viable gaming platform, and there was generally a ton of developer backlash and Sky is Falling rhetoric the moment Windows 10 Store was announced.

            To many, it seemed the 8 Store was a big reason why the Metro interface was shoved in everyone’s face long after it was clear it was unanimously despised. If I remember correctly either during Windows 8 times, or early Windows 10 they dropped the free versions of Visual Studio for commercial developers unless they were going to create Metro or UWP apps.

            Basically I guess I’m saying, people hate EA, but Origin’s potential for evil is just that so many games are published under EA. That sucks if you don’t want to install Origin and you really want to play some of those games, but that’s about where it ends. There’s just a lot more harm a walled garden store integrated into Windows can do to developers and gamers.

          • Oh don’t get me started on the Metro stuff. That was just the worst. I hated Windows 8 with a passion.

            I’m not excited about the integrated Windows store but I’m not hating it either. If I buy the Xbox version I get the PC version of the game free with this system. It’s not perfect but it isn’t all bad either.

      • I don’t think you’ve looked very hard at recent numbers. PC game sales are doing just fine. Running games at console equivalent settings doesn’t cost a lot. Most of the cost that people associate with PC gaming is trying to max out games at well over 60 – 144 fps or higher resolutions. Running 1080 at 30 is nothing. There are several builds on youtube that are around 500 dollars that beat console performance.

      • i upgraded to 10 solely for forza apex

    • Revolver Ocelot this Ponie told me that there’s a Young Conker Hololens bundle for the Xbox One is that accurate information or just misinformation.

      • i know i have dealt with him before.

      • Never said that. Try reading, you sad faker Xbox scumbag. 🙂

    • This isn’t that big of a deal for a game like Forza. You don’t race against real people on these games anyway. You race against the drivatars which could be shared across platforms so you wouldn’t necessarily have the populated scenario that you brought up.

      • If you’re online you race real people if you want to.

      • you can race online with other people and xbox one will have more players then pc
        guaranteed.the win 10 store will take years to get going on plus if they try to cross play this 99% of console gamers will stick with console gamers as well.

        • Im pretty sure it will be cross platform like Rocket League. So pc will be playing against xbox one users and vice versa

          • pc gamers will still be playing with them selves.console gamers will alwaysplay with console gamers because of all the cheating pc gamers thats why cross play will never work.

          • Oh look, another person who doesn’t actually play on PC, but somehow is an “expert” about it, throwing baseless claims such as “PC is full of cheaters.”

          • i do have a gaming pc but with the new xbox coming out next year at 4k i wont be up gradeing…lol it still take $2000 to run 4k/60fps on pc vs a $600 console that will be 4k native.

            better up grade you pc the new xbox will be 4k native next year or you will be out done by a console….lmao

          • Did you just say a console that will be 4K native?

            Pahahaha you mean none!?

  3. Microsoft is merging PC and Xbox to make sure it future proofs itself in gaming. It also has the potential to open up cross-buy for *some* games in the Windows Store and it opens up the multiplayer to a much larger potential population base. Moving forward, the XBox console will always be Microsoft’s Trojan Horse. Its not going away. While Console Warriors will claim Microsoft is going to lose the console war, they are ignoring that they will have a much more stronger gaming brand overall. And if I can play a game with 2x the population than on a single console like PS4 or Xbox then why not?

  4. Really, You say that but that picture is not from FH3, Look at the water mark on the picture. Bottom right, FH2 and I don’t know why people are bitching when they both have 60fps at 1080p. Who the fuck cares which console you want.

  5. Fail,
    Luke Bargh
    19 year old Computer Forensic student with quite the large obsession for Star Wars. Primarily a PlayStation 3 & 4 gamer but still pushing hours into the older generation of games, oh, and you can bribe me to write articles with cups of tea. Mainly writing Sony & PlayStation 4 articles.

  6. Capped at 60FPS on PC… please. Forza 5 Apex is so easy to run at max settings that they should have added flexibility to the engine to allow an uncapped FPS. 60 is pretty choppy when you’re used to >100FPS.

  7. Playing Forza Horizon 3 is already available in the PC version? I found an interesting program through which we will be able to install the game, the site is also the option to download an ISO image of the Game. Check anyone?


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