Predicting Sony’s E3 2016 Announcements

We are only a week away from the start of E3 2016 and I couldn’t be more excited. Gamers like myself everywhere are anticipating great things from the show this year from all of the participants. Today I wanted to put out my predictions for what Sony might show at their press event on Monday, June 13 at 9PM est. Last year Sony made all kinds of dreams come true by reintroducing The Last Guardian, announcing the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and the announcement of Shenmue 3. What could Sony possibly have up their sleeve to wow people this year?


1. Crash Bandicoot is Back

It’s a long shot but I do think this is finally the time that Crash Bandicoot makes his return to PlayStation. While Sony still says that Activision has the rights to Crash they could be just saying that or they could have made a deal with Activision to make a Crash game. A lot of people say that a new Crash wouldn’t be good in today’s gaming world but I’m sure if Sony does this then they have figured out a way to make the gameplay standout in 2016. The question is who would be making it? Does Naughty Dog have a smaller team working on it? Could Sony have a different developer making it like Sanzaru Games? Time will tell but I do think we’ll be seeing the old PlayStation mascot at this year’s show.

2. Highly Anticipated First Party Games Announced

Sony has had a pretty good year as far as exclusives go as they have already released Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted 4, MLB The Show 16, Street Fighter V, and more. With all of these games that used to get stage time at these shows now out on the market Sony has to bring new games to the stage now. I think it is finally time that we will be seeing God of War 4 from Sony Santa Monica. I think it will probably be a teaser trailer as I don’t think the game is far enough along to show gameplay. Expect the game to make the jump to Norse Mythology like that leaked concept art implied. I also expect to see Sony Bends long awaited game as well. Rumors say it is called “Dead Don’t Ride” and is set in a post apocalyptic world and you’ll be riding motorcycles. That sounds pretty good to me and I expect the game to wow all of those that are watching. The final First Party game I think will be announced is the rumored Spider Man game from Sucker Punch. There is no better fit to make it as they have plenty of work making the super hero Infamous Games. With Sucker Punch behind it I think they could do for Spider Man what Rocksteady did for Batman.

3. Release Dates, Release Dates, Release Dates.

Along with all of the new game announcement you have to provide some dates for some previously announced games. I think Sony will show new footage for The Last Guardian, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Gravity Rush 2 and provide release dates for all three. The Last Guardian and Gravity Rush 2 will both launch this fall/holiday while Horizon will be pushed to early 2017. Expect Horizon: Zero Dawn to have a big presence at the show with a stage demo that will wow people. Guerilla Games is creating a promising new IP and I think both they and Sony want to give the game the room it needs to great and not launch in a crowded time of the year.

4. PlayStation VR Release Date and Launch Lineup Revealed

After announcing at GDC that PlayStation VR will launch in October expect Sony to nail down the specifics at E3. I’m sure PlayStation VR will get an official date and that we will hear all or most of the launch lineup of games. Expect Sony to have games like RIGS, PlayStation VR Worlds, Playroom VR, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and more ready for the launch of the headset. Gran Turismo Sport has already been confirmed to launch with VR support in November and I also think that No Man’s Sky could finally be confirmed for VR. Finally I expect to see footage from that Star Wars Battlefront VR game as that will be HUGE game for them and something they can really market to try and convince people to pick the headset up.

5. Third Parties Bring the Goods

It wouldn’t be a Sony E3 event if Third Party games didn’t play a big part. Destiny will once again make an appearance as even though we will learn about the rumored “Rise of Iron” expansion before E3 I think it will shown off more fully at Sony’s event and of course will have exclusive content only on PlayStation. I also think that we could get a teaser trailer for Destiny 2 to get people excited about not just the short term future but the long term future as well. Activision will of course also be showing off gameplay from Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare as they continue their partnership with PlayStation. Ubisoft is another company that traditionally shows their games at Sony’s event and I think we will see more of Watch Dogs 2 footage here to build on what they show at their event earlier that day. Expect the game to have exclusive content only on PlayStation.

Square Enix will also play a big part in the show as I think Final Fantasy 7 Remake will make another appearance and we could get a release window for the first installment of the episodic game. Kingdom Hearts 3 could also be showing up again with a brand new trailer and I also think you will see World of Final Fantasy and Rise of the Tomb Raider make appearances as well. Expect Rise of the Tomb Raider to arrive on PS4 will all of the DLC included as well as possible exclusive content to make up for fans having to wait. Finally expect Shenmue 3 to show up with a gameplay trailer and the possible announcement of a HD release of Shenmue 1 & 2.

6. Hideo Kojima Shows His New Game

It could still be too early but I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Kojima make an appearance at Sony’s event and show off a teaser trailer for his new game. Kojima has said it will be a action game and that if you are a fan of games such as Uncharted and The Division then you’ll be happy. Again the game hasn’t been in development long but I think a short teaser of what’s to come from the legendary Kojima will be enough to get people excited about the future.

So those are some of my predictions for Sony’s E3 event this year and if we see half of that it would make me happy. Of course there will be other things like new indie games showing up and possible new PS4 features or apps but I think this covers some of the biggest announcements. I’m looking forward to what all of the companies show off and can’t wait to see it all. What are you hoping to see from Sony at E3 this year? Tell us in the comments below.

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