EA E3 Rumours We’d Like To See Are True

In spite of the recent leaks and rumours that we’ve heard sprouting out of every nook and cranny during the past few weeks, there are a few rumours regarding EA that we’ve heard and are crossing every finger and toe in the hopes that they’re true. Some of these may not be anything more than a grain of salt, however what’s wrong with a bit of speculation?

Back in 2010 we were graced with the brilliance that is Skate 3 and ever since we’ve craved more and more, to the point where fans are going to EA’s official instagram account to bombard them with pleas of a reboot, and I can see why. I was a huge fan of the series of games, and nothing would make me happier than to see skating games other than the mediocre Tony Hawk’s games being released with their half-assed development and ridiculous mechanics. Back in February of this year though, we may have gotten a glimpse of what is yet to come, as an Australian website who deliver home entertainment listed Skate 4 up for pre-order before being taken back down.

Skate 4 rumour

Image courtesy of OnlySP

The image shown above tells us that the game was set for release in August 2016 for Xbox One, and according to OnlySP the game came with a copy of Skate 3 for the Xbox One version as the predecessor is becoming backwards compatible in the foreseeable future. This could be a huge hoax, however the image looks real enough for me to believe it, and with E3 on it’s way I could assume some sort of drop is on it’s way, but let’s not be so sure.

Fight Night is another major series in EA’s game collection, and the franchise itself has created an incredible list of titles that fans have grown to love, although the absence has become tiresome and a new title wouldn’t go amiss. The latest in the series was released back in 2011 under the name Fight Night Champions which still remains one of my favourite games of all time. It was available on previous gen consoles and iOS devices, and since the release we’ve seen no additional boxing games, however a rumoured appear from KDrama Stars last year that EA was working on a current-gen game, and with E3 fast approaching it’d be a brilliant time to announce it.

Miguel Cotto and Manny Pacquiao

They could potentially introduce two new titles, either Fight Night Round 5 or even Fight Night Champions 2 however EA Sports have still not made any announcements about the franchise, as their main intentions seem to be with UFC right now after the recent release of UFC 2, which came with mixed opinions. The two franchises differ from each other significantly, and Fight Night Champions allowed you to take control of a fighter in a story, with very brutal language and damage, geared towards an older audience which was well received. Another game in this franchise would be greatly appreciated, and the audience is definitely there for a new addition.

Back when the Wii U released, EA’s very own CEO John Riccitiello spoke out about an “unprecedented partnership” between Nintendo and Electronic Arts, however nothing came of this as just before the release of the console, support was dropped from EA after commercial issues involving Nintendo. However, NintendoLife reports to have information from a source suggesting that both companies intend to put the past behind them and move forward together with the release of the new Nintendo console, the NX.

Nintendo’s newest console, the NX

EA has development kits for the console, and EA were one of the first publishers to gain access to the development hardware, with Nintendo mentioning that EA are a key ally when it comes to making the console a great success. According to NintendoLife:

The sources claim that multiple meetings are lined up for March, and that EA has been discussing several points with Nintendo relating to marketing. These meetings will apparently decide how much support EA – or specifically, its EA Sports arm – will be giving Nintendo in the near future. The publisher understandably wants “a detailed plan” on how Nintendo intends to win over sports fans with NX hardware – something it failed to do with Wii U. EA is keen to learn how Nintendo intends to build up a large enough “sports” audience on NX, as this was apparently one of the key reasons for the publisher abandoning Wii U – it simply wasn’t seen as the console of choice for followers of sports.

This would suggest that EA, given their prominent and highly loved sporting genres of games would be pushing a new partnership with Nintendo for their sporting games on the NX, which would be a brilliant step forward. Given that EA and Microsoft are rumoured to already have advertising deals, it looks as if they are trying their hardest to get as much influence in the industry as possible, which would be a brilliant idea. All we can do is wait for E3.

Let us know the rumours you’re waiting to see being denied or approved by either companies, perhaps we missed something here? Let us know what you know down below in the comments!

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