CD Projekt Red Show Off Gameplay Footage of Their Gwent Game, Closed Beta In September For Xbox & PC

Similar to card games such as Hearthstone and other competitive digital card games, Gwent features a pre-built deck and which allows players to collect cards and pile your deck before matching against other players in a best-of-three bout. To win, players must score more points than the opponent in each round.

Just like with The Witcher 3 before it, CD Projekt Red have taken to the Xbox stage to show off the first footage of their Gwent solo game and it looks like it’ll be a ton of fun, if you’ve somehow managed to finish The Witcher 3 and all the DLC already.

CD Projekt Red’s annual report mentioned last month that a new video game format previously uncharted by the studio is under plans for 2016. In May, Game Director Konrad Tomaszkiewicz announced that their “Blood and Wine” expansion for “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” will be the last piece of post-release content for the extensive RPG


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  1. I signed up. I’d love to play it some more, gotta get back into Witcher 3 but I want to only when I get better hardware so I can play it at max.

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