Dead Rising 4 Will NOT Be Coming PS4, Will Be An Xbox One Console Exclusive

Despite rumors that Dead Rising 4 could be a timed exclusive due to no announcement during or after the trailer of Dead Rising 4 at Microsoft’s E3 conference. However the cover for Dead Rising 4 has been revealed, and it has now finally confirmed that Dead Rising 4 will NOT be coming to PS4.


As you can see at the top of the cover, there is a “Xbox One Exclusive” border. This means that there will not be a PS4 version coming, and it’s likely the rumors of Microsoft funding the game are true.

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  1. So official box art

  2. Source?

  3. Seems legit:-) Even if it’s exclusive to Microsoft’s platforms, it is not Xbox One exclusive…

    Also, every presented (really exclusive) game was labeled with “Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive”. Dead Rising 4 had something like “Available on Xbox One and Windows 10” if I remember well…

    • That’s correct and i noticed that too.

    • Yes, that’s true. And before the game footage started, the announcer (or voiceover) said, “Coming to Xbox One & Windows 10”

    • Also normally when it’s a console exclusive it says “XBOX CONSOLE EXCLUSIVE” the last time an Xbox console exclusive didn’t have it was Rise of the Tomb Raider and that’s coming to PS4 this year.

    • I think that xbox as a platform is a genuinely brilliant idea.

      I play pc,xbox and ps4 (mainly for my husband) so discarding PS4 for a moment and looking at a large Windows 10 / Xbox platform base, this is nothing short of awesome.

      Thank god MS are no longer towing the line anymore, I’ve hoping for this for years and now it seems all their plans are coming together, Sataya is really making waves at MS. Long may it last.

      As for DR4 not coming to PS4 well it doesn’t surpise me, though Horizon is the only ps4 games im looking forward to.

      How about you?

  4. Considering the now 2 and a half year old Dead Rising 3 has yet to appear on the PS4, no big surprise here.

  5. Weird that there’s no such “exclusive” bar on the cover art on the official page.

  6. Still no source?

  7. The only official artwork I’ve seen is on the Microsoft website, and it lacks that black “Xbox One Exclusive” banner. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is exclusive, but still.

  8. The key art is missing the banner, too. In fact, the one here on the site looks like it’s just had a black bar placed across the Amazon artwork and some text written in.

    • It’s not.The lack of any such indicator during the presser is plenty, but the fact that this image can’t be found ANYWHERE besides this site explains it all.

      And still: no source.

  9. So, still no source?

  10. It’s been over 24 hours. Still no source?

  11. Fake.

    If a game is also on PC, which this one is, the cover art will say Xbox One Console exclusive, just like it did with Quantum Break.

  12. AHAHAHAHAHA………..clickbait ass title…..try harder….

  13. Lo and behold, Dead Rising 4 confirmed to be a timed exclusive. Like Rise of the Tomb Raider, it’s only exclusive to Xbox One for a year:

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