Major Nelson Responds To Old Tweet About Announcing Consoles Without Showing Them

Back in 2013, Major Nelson posted a tweet regarding the announcement of the PS4 which was negative towards Sony not showing the PS4 during the reveal.


Obviously the same has happened today with Project Scorpio which led to people digging up the tweet, and giving Major Nelson a hard time for it. He has since responded twice.


Major Nelson’s honest approach was easily the best way to handle the past tweets and thoughts he had about the PS4 reveal.

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  1. At this point, Microsoft should just name all their consoles “180.” It’s all they seem to do. Take shots for stuff, then do the same. Brag about sales, then nix reporting them altogether. Buy up DLC and marketing, then act like they don’t matter.

    • Bro, you cannot say that! The almighty Microsoft/XBOX is infallible! The game industry, game journalists and “fans” all know Sony/Nintendo are ALWAYS WRONG and everything they do is a failed cause. /s

    • Sony buys marketing deals & DLC as well case in point Black Ops 3, Battlefront I could go on dont act like Microsoft is the only one that does this

      • You missed the point of the comment.

      • you LITERALLY don’t get what’s being said here loool.

        • Wow, he missed it like..I cannot even imagine a scenario where I would be as lost..haha. Kudos for commenting on it.

  2. your website is too slow to load

  3. “It’s not like a switch that you can turn off”

    …turns DRM off

  4. XBOX One, the biggest BETA test EVER!!!! I feel cheated, like I bought a alpha build of a machine that was supposed to hold me for at least the next 5 years or so…. Not 3!!!

    • You guys beta tested for the Neo

      • Sad little man, you are.

        Whose slogan was “Beta tested in the future?”

      • Don’t worry about people like this. They will piss and moan about anything Microsoft, but they will say nothing about the fact that Sony is doing the exact same thing with the Neo. They will be like “OMG dat Neo is da bestest evuh!!”

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