Resident Evil 7 To Be Shown At Sony E3? Could The Rumor Be True?

Resident Evil 7 is in development. There are no rumors or leaks about it being possible, it’s fully been confirmed and all we are waiting for now is the official reveal. It’s been rumored however that a reveal will becoming at E3 2016, and with only one more conference to go, could it be shown at Sony’s conference?

It’s very possible that Resident Evil 7 could be shown at Sony’s conference, and even confirmed as a PS4 exclusive. Dead Rising 4 was confirmed earlier today to be an Xbox One console exclusive so the same could happen with Sony and Resident Evil 7.

This is all speculation by us currently, but the rumors by credible insiders have said that something could be revealed at E3, and with only one conference to go, it’s either Sony or it’s not coming to E3.

Do you think Resident Evil 7 will be shown at Sony’s E3 conference? Let us know in the comments below.

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