Pokemon Sun and Moon News – New Content And More Pokemon

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Take a good look at the brand new world of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Just now at E3, Nintendo dived right into the game and lashed out with all of the upcoming content and what Pokemon fans have to look forward to. The backstory of the game is that the player has just moved to the Alola region of the Pokemon world. At the press conference, the announcers mentioned that what’s most interesting about this particular region is that it’s very isolated from the other regions of the Pokemon world. This means that there will be new Pokemon all over the overworld, which is exciting for fans. It seems that the region will have a very tropical feel to it, which is something fresh for the series. They also seemed to slightly redesign the fighting style for the series, as the touch-pad has a completely different format which the announcers depicted as “very accessible”. Stay tuned for more news!

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