Resident Evil VII Demo Is Now Live, Install Size Revealed

Resident Evil VII’s demo is now live on the PlayStation store only for Playstation Plus users. The install comes in at close to 3GB’s, 2.940GB to be exact.

The demo took quite a while to go live after being announced as going live after the show, with many fans wondering if it would be going up today. It looks like the extra wait will be worth it as Resident Evil VII looks amazing.

Make sure to check the demo out if you have Playstation Plus.

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  1. still cant find it!

  2. I can’t find it

  3. Yea common why are you LYING!!! its not UP!

    • Probably why there’s no link

  4. Its not up yet why did you lie, Im reporting this article

    • It’s up search for it by name and scroll about 10-15games down.

  5. Fuck you guys. Seriously only posting this to get views since it’s bullshit. You’re either misimformed or liars and neither are cool things to be.

  6. No demo !, THE CAke iS A liE !!!

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