Why It’s Very Possible That Sony Showcased Its Neo Line Up At E3

Sony’s press conference was brilliant, and we saw a lot of incredible upcoming games, and being the last one on the list, they really did have to pull out the big guns and own the show. We saw the likes of God of War, Days Gone and Resident Evil 7 to name a few and they were phenomenal to name the least. Sony really had managed to keep things under lock and key this year around, and with the recent announcement of Microsoft’s newest consoles – the Xbox One S and Project Scorpio – we were surprised to see no mention of the Neo at the conference whatsoever. So it begs the question, did Sony show off the Neo lineup without telling us?

Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox have always been the biggest contenders in the console war

My main reasoning behind this, is that we weren’t given many release dates at all for any of the games that Sony showcased, and we saw next to no gameplay footage – and if we saw any footage, it’d be from games that we knew were in development and we’ve heard of for a few months now. It’s also very hard to argue with the fact that the entire lineup we saw was pretty spectacular in many aspects graphically. The current PlayStation 4 is becoming outdated ever so slowly, and seeing games like Days Gone or Detroit: Becoming Human, I find it hard to see the system holding up to the graphical demands of the games in question.

Sony have made it incredibly clear that the Neo will in no way be a replacement and will quite easily run alongside the current generation console, and the gaming environment will be similar: both having the same online experience, community and PlayStation Network, allowing players to continue playing alongside each other regardless of the console they’re using. As well as this, developers will under no circumstances be allowed to develop a game for the specifically for the Neo.

Unofficial PlayStation NEO image

Unofficial PlayStation NEO Logo

Rumours state that the reasoning behind Sony’s upscaling of the PlayStation 4 is that the company are planning to be ‘at par’ with the up and coming virtual reality creations that we all know and love. Additionally, there will be two modes for the games: “Neo Mode” which allows the users to take advantage of the upgraded hardware for an increased graphical quality and a boost of frame rates, and “Base Mode” which would be like playing on your regular PlayStation 4. With the addition of ‘Neo Mode’ all game developers will (estimated after October 2016) be expected to have 4K resolution (however not an official requirement) support for the console and any older games can as easily be upgraded with the use of patches.

This begs the question of whether or not Sony had shown us potential footage of the ‘Neo Mode’ we’ve been promised as opposed to the ‘Base Mode’ which is what we usually see. And along those lines, I’ve always said when watching E3 conferences that the one way to hype fans more is by showing gameplay that will blow our minds, so how else would our minds get blown unless we see gameplay from a heavily anticipated console? Another incredibly hyped addition to the console lineup was the PSVR which will be unique to the PlayStation and Xbox have rumoured to be making a deal with Oculus to allow compatibility with their headset.

The segment regarding VR was announced with Resident Evil 7 which has a PT-esque playable demo on the PlayStation store ahead of the January launch. They also showed off Farpoint which is another VR game based in space on a hostile alien planet. These weren’t the only games we saw, however, as we got glimpses of Batman Arkham VR, Battlefront VR and Final Fantasy VR. These were all games that we probably won’t get until the Neo’s release, so did Sony actually show off their lineup? I think so. Especially considering these games are unlikely to have PS4 playability.

But what do you think? You’ve seen all of the conferences, and you have your opinions, so we’d like to hear from you. Did Sony play the right cards this year by keeping the console under lock and key? Do you think they should’ve mentioned it more? Let us know down below!

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  1. This is a stupid question. If the Neo is a refresh- as whatever indications there are say it is- then it’s gonna play the same games as the PS4.

    That means every game they show off for PS4 is obviously also gonna be on Neo. There is absolutely ZERO reason to speculate otherwise.

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