Could the Remastered Crash Games Mean A New Crash is Coming One Day?

Rejoice bandicoot fans as your dreams have been answered. Well maybe they were as during their E3 2016 Press Conference Sony announced that Crash Bandicoot is coming back to PlayStation. Yes the rumor about Crash being in the PlayStation versions of Skylanders: Imaginators are true but more importantly we are getting Crash 1, 2, and 3 remastered from the ground up for the PS4 in 2017. It’s not a new Crash Bandicoot game but it could help pave the way for one to happen.


Now Crash Bandicoot is a very old franchise. Naughty Dog made the first 3 and then Activision continued to put them out for several years after that. However none of them were ever as good as the original three made by Naughty Dog which is why fans have been wanting Sony to get the rights to Crash back. However it would be foolish of Sony to buy the rights back and put a team on it when they don’t really know just how big an audience there is that really wants Crash. That is why I think they are doing the remasters instead. By remastering the three very best Crash Bandicoot games you’ll get to see just how many people really want it. If people really want a brand new Crash Bandicoot game they better go out and buy the remaster otherwise Sony will see there isn’t a big audience. You may be asking yourself is there though? I’d say yes and we have a very recent game that shows that games such as this are still very much wanted.

That game is the recent Ratchet & Clank by Insomniac Games. It got outstanding reviews and is viewed as one of the best PS4 exclusive games. It also became the fastest selling entry in that franchise. Now if you don’t know that franchise is pretty old as it debuted on the PS2 in 2002 and has seen well over a dozen entries. For that one to have sold so well shows that people still love these colorful platforming games. Yooka-Laylee is another upcoming platformer that fits in this group as well and is one of the most anticipated indie games on the scene right now. These kind of games show that there is an audience for them if you make a good game. I think Sony is smart to do the remaster first and then if it does well they will probably make a brand new one.

So if you are a Crash fan and you were hoping for a brand new entry you know what to do. Buy the remaster when it comes out in 2017 and show Sony that you are willing to support the Bandicoot. It really is up to the fans at this point I believe. Are you excited for the three original Crash Bandicoot games to get remastered for the PS4? Tell us in the comments below.

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