Mass Effect Andromeda Will Still Have Same-Sex Romances, VR Version Possible And Much More

Although little information was given during EA’s E3 conference, interviews with developers has given us a lot more information to get us excited for the release of the game.

  • Same-Sex romances are still there
  • Info about the collectors edition is coming this fall
  • As the game runs Frostbite, the PC hardware requirements will be similar to that of Battlefront and Inquisition
  • More news may be coming in weeks instead of months.
  • Codex entries will be detailed and in-depth
  • The trip to Andromeda has taken a really really long time (hundereds of years)
  • The game draws parallels to today’s space exploration advancements/themes
  • The N7 character has nothing to do with Shepard
  • New species. Some old, some new, some completely mysterious
  • Choices will affect the species you encounter
  • Planetary exploration is essentially the same mechanic as ME1, but much MUCH bigger/better with more freedom
  • There’s much more to the Tempest than meets the eye
  • The ‘Ark’ is a huge part of the story, not just where Ryder wakes up
  • Main character will be human, you can choose to play as a male/female Ryder
  • There is a sense of continuity in the Mass Effect universe, despite starting fresh in a new Galaxy
  • Mass Effect Andromeda is story/characters first, then with a large focus on seamless loading, exploration
  • Frostbite has forced them to rebuild everything from the ground up, it’s a clean slate in more ways than one
  • Mass Effect VR is a possibility

Sources: Twitter, Playstation Access, and Inside PlayStation

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