More Resident Evil VII Information Confirmed, No QTE’s In Main Game, Supernatural Elements And More

Some new information has been gathered for the upcoming title Resident Evil VII. This information has been sourced from developer interviews at E3. Some information has already been posted, but there’s some interesting and new pieces of news that should get Resident Evil fans excited. Before this information however you can use william hill promo code so here is the information which includes many different features that will get all of the fans very excited.

  • The Teaser called Beginning Hours is not part of the full main game. They wanted to focus on the atmosphere and the exploration. The full game will have elements that will be RE-like. Combat will be there, puzzles will be there and there will be more to explore.
  • They want people to feel the same fear as when they first played Resident Evil 1. I know people today consider RE1 to be not that scary, but for the majority of players at the time, it was.
  • First person view in order for the game to be more immersive. It is also a necessary step in order to be a VR game.
  • The main character will be a new one because they felt that playing through a veteran character would dull the experience since they are veterans that have already been through hell. They want to bring an ordinary character, but they do not want to reveal too much details. We don’t know if existing characters will be returning.
  • It is a sequel to 6, The Family and Neo-Umbrella are hints that are visible in the teaser. So not a reboot.
  • They feel it is the next step of Resident Evil. As 1-2-3 and 4-5-6 were, 7-8-9 will go towards another direction. “A third era” as they called it
  • The full game will definitely not be a global scale story like 6 were. It will be a game with more intimist locations just like the Spencer Mansion in 1. That is not to say the game will be a succession of corridors, they hint at more open-spaces that you can visit.
  • They want to bring an old feeling to the atmosphere even though the full game is set in modern-day. Also audio cassettes will be present in the game. Though I could not gather if they’ll follow through with the duality between past/present just like the teaser unfortunately since it seems like a pretty good idea.
  • The trailer gives hints of supernatural elements like ghosts, but they say there is more to it than that. There will be explanations that are rooted in the franchise.
  • Absolutely no QTE in the full game

This information has really got us interested in what the full game will provide when it releases early next year. Make sure to keep checking back for more news on Resident Evil VII

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  1. no third person view .. no buy for me this time

    • Final game will be third person perspective only this is tech demo just like FF15 , P.T …etc

      • Did you read the part of the article that said “First person view in order for the game to be more immersive. It is also a necessary step in order to be a VR game.”?

        • I did ,but I heard final game is third person perspective like RE1 atmosphere & support VR as optional feature

          • You heard wrong the game creator has confirmed on multiple interviews its first person already. 3rd person doesnt even work with VR.

          • we’ll wait & find out once they reveal more info

          • Theres no need to do so, the game director would not say the game is fully 1st person if it were 3rd person. It is 1st person (wich is the only way a game can be VR compactible).

          • No, I read today in another interview that the Resident Evil 7 first person view will not be like RE Dead Aim. It will be more puzzle and survival horror.

          • Thanks for info 🙂

      • PT was the right thing for Silent Hill…

        • Yeah , it’s same thing a tech demo isn’t part of silent hill where it takes place outside the town as main
          protagonist Norman Redeeus

          Shame it got cancelled

    • not buy from me either


  3. “playing through a veteran character would dull the experience”… Lol, this takeuchi guy is absolutely clueless whatsoever. No buy for me either.

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