Titanfall 2 Devs Want To Make The Game More Accessible For New Players, Gameplay Slowed Down

During an interview with Titanfall 2 devs, a big piece of news was found about the game. When asked about what issues they had to debate on when developing Titanfall 2, the follow was said.


“Titanfall 1 had a huge skill ceiling, but because of the chaos factor, it wasn’t obvious to them they could get better. We weren’t giving them easy ways to learn how to get better. So, you watch a good player now compared to a good player from two years ago and it’s a gulf of skill difference.So, one of the things about the whole chaos thing is, trying to make that depth understandable and learn able, so people feel like they have something to strive for and get better at the game in.”

The developers went on to say

“We actually also slowed down the game, quite a fair bit”

To end the interview, the developers talked about how they went back to play the original Titanfall while developing Titanfall 2. They talked about how they was surprised how “amped up it is” and that the change in Titanfall 2 will be healthy for the game, but could disappoint players returning from Titanfall 1.

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