Todd Howard Critical Of Fallout 4’s Dialog System; It “Didn’t Work As Well” As Other Gameplay Elements

During an interview with Gamespot, Todd Howard had some very interesting things to say regarding Fallout 4’s dialog system. When talking about things that worked well and what didn’t in Fallout 4, he said

“I think our fans are used to it over time, that we do like to try new things. And we’ll have some successes, you know I think the shooting in Fallout 4 is really good, I think it plays really well. Obviously, the way we did some dialogue stuff, that didn’t work as well. But it was I think — I know the reasons we tried that, to make a nice interactive conversation, but [it was] less successful than other things in the game. For us, we take that feedback, and I think long term.

Or other things we did in the game, like the choices you have in the end. When we have an opportunity with something like Far Harbor, like “Okay, how many ways can it end?” Let’s give them more choice with something like that. And so it’s not just a one-off, meaning Fallout 4 comes out and then we forget about it.

I think it’s an ongoing thing, and I think that kind of feedback we get is really, really helpful. And you’re right that everybody does have an opinion, and I think that’s good.”

What did you think of the dialogue system in Fallout 4? Was you a fan or not? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. i don’t like any of the factions. the story isn’t very good which makes replaying for the trophies a chore i don’t want to do and haven’t done. i do like the progression system and exploring. i want a better story and characters, i love the silver shroud and i would love some shroud dlc.

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