Dead Rising 4 Confirmed to be a Timed Exclusive

Well there were hints of it but now it seems that it has been confirmed that Dead Rising 4 is a timed exclusive to microsoft platforms. A Capcom Vancouver representative had this to say when asked about it:

Capcom Vancouver is developing, MS is pubilishing. 1 year exclusive with MS. Slightly different deal than DR3.

Dead Rising 4 was the only game during Microsoft’s E3 Press Event that wasn’t labeled as “Xbox One and Windows 10 Exclusive” which led to people wondering whether it could come to PS4. Now it seems like it really is like Rise of the Tomb Raider and could come to PS4 a year later. What do you think of this news? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. I would really like Capcom to confirm a PS4 release, but the skeptic inside me is saying “exclusive to Microsoft for one year” just means the PC version will be exclusive to Windows 10 for a year, then a Steam version will be released.

    • No, it’s exactly like Rise of the Tomb Raider. Otherwise they would have put the “console exclusive” label as they usually do.

    • Like Ryo said if it was going to go to just Steam they would have put “Console Exclusive to Xbox One” on the box. They didn’t b/c they know it could go to PS4 or heck maybe even the NX.

    • wont be its ms exclusive.

      • How can you claim it’s a ms exclusive when even ms didn’t claim as such?

    • This seems more likely seeing as how the in game phone was a Windows Phone. Don’t think that means a PS4 version.

    • In fact, the exclusive with W10 is for 90 days, and could arrive to PC then… The CONSOLE exclusive is for one year,… And I don’t think thil could come to Wii U…

  2. Thiago is not new. At a later time its going to be available on Steam.

  3. xbox one gamers arnt concerned as long as its CONSOLE exclusive to xbox im still happy.i dont care if pc gets it as log a sony doesnt get it.

    • so sad XD

      • so sad XD

    • Man you’re a disgrace to the human race.

    • Why would you not want other people to experience a video game? I personally would love it if Xbox players could experience games like God of War and Horizon: Zero Dawn. Something is seriously wrong with you man.

      • And I would love to experience Forza, Gears and also this game. Agree with you man, F*ck exclusives.

    • Too bad it will be coming to Sony. Don’t be greedy be happy more than one set of players get to play it

      • yea who will buy it 1 year later.its just like rise of the tomb raider all over again.

        • With all the DLC? ME OF COURSE!

          And also without the DLCs, I’ll buy it,

  4. They lied to the world just a few days ago

  5. I’ll tell you what I think its more MicroDic Bullshit ! They are without a doubt the most dirty and underhanded company I have ever seen. They will do anything to try and catch up to Sony. First they Steal a Playstaion game TR now they screw over their own fans with DR.

    • Sony paid for Street Fighter 5 to be a console exclusive, and unlike MS they emphasized that it will never come to xbox. People didn’t seem so concerned over that.

      • Sony actually paid for development of Street Fighter. Kinda different than the case here and with Tomb Raider.

      • Street fighter V isn’t console exclusive. It’s on steam too

    • Yep just like sony stole it from Sega and nintendo. What you and the other ponies are experiencing is called karma.

    • Sony has a long history of doing the same sort of maneuver so please dont go getting on your high horse when other companies do it.You come across like some sort of fanboy drone.

    • If Microsoft is the most dirty and underhanded electronics company you have ever seen you must not have met EA or Apple LOL

    • Did you miss the part that the only ever released DR game on a Sony console was on PS3?
      Sony fanboys have no relation to DR series.
      It have always been a Xbox series. How can Sony miss out then?

      TR was never a Playstation game. Its originally a PC game which Sony stole.

      • Wrong TR was released on Nov 10 1996 and PLaystaion was active in its creation from the very beginning.

  6. Rise of Tomb Raider still hasn’t release on PS4 and they are going to try doing this bs again? Dang

    • TR on PS4 comes out this holiday. amazon already has it listed.

    • Exactly why I built a PC. I’ll never buy another Xbox again. I bought the original and 360, both were crap. If you’re saving for an Xbox One, or the new X1S, keep saving and build a PC. It’ll be the best decision you’ll ever make in your life.

  7. Considering that PS4 owners never got part 3 does this even matter?

  8. Hope Capcom are still around in year to benefit from it. SMH at Sony for going after and funding the crap SFV and not DR.

  9. This was the most vague article I’ve ever read. A representative at Capcom said so? Cool, where’s Capcom’s official statement?

  10. This is completely different from that source-less article you guys put up with that fake-ass box art.

  11. Looks like the head honcho at Capcom Vancouver is going to be “resigning”, just like Crystal Dynamics head home Cho “resigned” only a month or two after RotTR cam out

  12. Another game that will be old and forgotten when it gets a PS4 release.

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