Why E3 2016 Left Me Disappointed

With E3 being as hectic as it always is this year, and hours of footage being seen with many more games announced, I’ve come to the unimpressive conclusion that E3 2016 was a bit disappointing. Not to say that I enjoyed some of the conferences, mainly Microsoft and Sony, but it’s not been as spectacular as previous years has it? Especially with all the rumours flying about with Red Dead Redemption 2 and a Skate 4 announcement being nothing but a grain of salt as Rockstar failed to make an appearance this year.

Red Dead Redemption 2 was one of the most highly anticipated announcements of the year

I’m really looking forward to playing some of the games we saw more in depth during E3 like Horizon: Zero DawnThe Last Guardian and Mafia 3 but putting them aside there is very little that jumped out at me, and seeing games like Ghost Recon: Wildlands gameplay to me was great, but the annoying thing is that it’s hardly new to us – and it’s kind of seeing The Division in a different setting to me.

I’m still ogling over Watch Dogs 2 but I’m pretty sure I know what to expect, Assassin’s Creed esque freerunning with guns and hacking. Days Gone is Sony’s ambitious attempt of making an open world horror game which seemed hugely better than I expected but even now it seems like we’ll be waiting until 2018 for a release and with undoubtedly the biggest games being announced (Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare), they were sort of the only things I looked forward to.

Watch Dogs 2, showing their new protagonist

The list of games that I saw during E3 that will be brilliant goes on, but part of me thinks that it’s all just hype – this year seems as if it lacked the unbelievably mind blowing things we’re used to. EA didn’t seem to get anything beyond their shooters, and Bethesda’s only real input was Dishonoured 2 which I know I’m going to enjoy regardless. We may have seen Mass Effect Andromeda but did we see any gameplay? No! There’s no point showing off a game if you’re not going to show us what we’re going to be playing, is there?

Ubisoft pretty much hit the ball right out of the park with the likes of For Honor and Steep which might be the next big thing after the Skate franchise but is that it? They had a whole hour to wow us and to me they didn’t use it to their full advantage. But with virtual reality being a bigger thing this year, PlayStation VR didn’t put it’s best foot forward. Sure, we saw brilliant releases like Star Wars and Batman but Resident Evil 7 seems to be the only proper virtual reality release of the entire event beside Eagle Flight which was hardly something to be impressed over.

Sony can say that the lack of real eye-popping games is due to E3 becoming less important, but given that customer interest during the show has still yet to become smaller and less significant I’m not convinced. It’s more a case of the biggest publishers not being as prominent in the gaming scene as they used to be because the projects are getting far too risky and the development is becoming a neverending cycle of delays and/or cancellations.

There’s still a lot to look forward to for PlayStation games, and with no announcement of the Neo we can still look forward to the future. However with Microsoft announcing their Scorpio Project and soon to be released Xbox One Slim, they very easily stole the hardware show because they put effort into it and made us want to play it – I want to play that more than the Neo at the minute. Why? Because we saw it.

Microsoft vs. Sony – who won?

E3 this year really has disappointed me, not because of the lack of consoles – that has been irritating – but because developers didn’t seem to put as much effort in as they could have. The games may have all looked brilliant from the ones that gave us gameplay to view, but the ones that didn’t kind of just left us speculating and pre-ordering games that might just fall into the abyss and be forgotten about because we saw next to nothing and gave no real opinions.

This is just an opinion, so let us know yours! Do you think E3 was a bit of a let down this year? Perhaps you think it was better than previous years put together! Let us know down below with your favourite game of the event!

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