Rise of the ID@Xbox Program

The ID@Xbox program is a program where indie developers can have the opportunity to get there game on the Xbox One.  Originally a lot of the developers who have entered in this program only had the option to go through the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace on the Xbox 360.  And for most if not all of the developers who went through that program were pretty much unnoticed do to how cluttered that particular marketplace was.  Not only was it cluttered you really couldn’t find that much information on any game from their because they really didn’t have any kind of press coverage.

Some handpicked developers were lucky enough to get their game showcased on Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade.  The media attention from that was tremendous and a lot of games that went through that promotion became instant successes like Super Meat Boy, Limbo and Braid.  But that was a month long ordeal and generally only four games were picked for that promotion.

Then comes E3 2014 and Chris Charla comes on stage announcing the ID@Xbox program.  With it he announced several slew of games that were lined up to release for Xbox One.  As well as what the program entailed.  This became tradition as every E3 there was a portion of the Microsoft’s press conference that was dedicated to the ID@Xbox program.  They even a rather interesting line up of games this year, which you can watch in this montage below.

Now with all I’ve said about this program and how great it is for indie developers.  I do have one particular wish that I would like to see Microsoft do.  There are a few indie games that would work well with a revived Summer of Arcade.  And not really in the exact format as before where only four games were showcased.  It would be great if they would have a promotion that would last all summer long.  And they can focus on particular genres of games going through the ID@Xbox program.  So for example one week they can have a promotion for platforms and showcase games like Cuphead or Yooka-Laylee.  Then another week they can showcase horror games like Outlast 2 and Phantasmal.  Overall I’m happy with the ID@Xbox program and how it gives indie developers attention that before they wouldn’t have received.  But I would also like to see a revival of something similar to the Summer of Arcade program to even further promote indie games.

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