The Problem with the Controversy behind Mighty No. 9


So just as a disclaimer this is my opinion behind the controversy of the Mighty No. 9 launch and I neither own Mighty No. 9 nor do I have much experience with the Mega Man series in general.  That being said I do have background knowledge in game design and I have done quite a bit of research on Keiji Inafune and the general history of the Mega Man series.  For starters I do believe they could have approached things differently when it comes to the launch.  We all know by now the controversial launch trailer that popped up before the game launched.  In case you’re not familiar with the trailer you can watch it below.

So I will side with the majority in that there should have been more thought put into the making of this trailer.  I also think it was a bad idea letting Inafune’s translator make the comment about the game’s launch being better than nothing.  But other than those two examples that’s pretty much where I stop agreeing with the majority.  First thing I feel like that’s worth mentioning is the general complaints concerning the final visual look of the game.  I know a lot of a people think the game was supposed to look like this:

Concept Art:



Final Product:screens_05

Now the first image as nice as it looks is concept art.  Concept art is not a final representation of the game.  Sure it looks nice but there is little to no reason to expect the game to look like that.  And a lot of people think the final look of the game looks terrible.  While that is subjective let’s look at the facts for a bit.  First off the game is made in Unreal Engine 3.  While visually appealing games have come from Unreal Engine 3 like Bioshock Infinite, Mass Effect series and Asura’s Wrath those games were very extreme exceptions.

Either in the fact that they were made by AAA industry professionals or the engine was maxed out to it’s full potential by once again AAA industry professionals.  Which brings me to my next point on what I disagree with in terms of the majority of the complaints with Mighty No. 9.  A lot of people think due to the game’s amazing pedigree that it had no reason to be this “bad”.  Well there’s a problem with this statement.  The game really doesn’t have an amazing pedigree behind it.  Sure Keiji Inafune is an industry veteran and known as the “Godfather of Mega Man”.  But what exactly did he do to earn that title?  He literally created Mega Man.  Not the game itself but the character.  For most of Keiji Inafune’s career he was a character designer or in the case of Mighty No. 9 a concept designer.  He isn’t actually involved with the nitty gritty design aspects of the game.  Sure he may oversee the designers that are actually doing that.  But he’s not doing it.

Something else I think people are missing is there is two game companies involved with the making of Mighty No. 9.  There’s Comcept, which is Inafune’s company.  And there’s another company called Inti Creates.  Inti Creates is the company that actually designed the game.  From what I’ve researched Comcept and Inafune was the think tank behind the project.  Comcept would come up with the ideas and Inti Creates would implement those ideas into the game itself.  So really there’s no good reason Inafune should be blamed for the poor reception of this game’s launch.  Not saying he’s 100% innocent considering he did oversee a lot of things but once again he wasn’t as involved as people think.  Now that being said I don’t think Inti Creates should be 100% blamed either.  Sure they did design the game but let’s think about this for a moment.

First as stated before it was made in Unreal Engine 3.  Unless your a master with the engine it tends to be a pretty limiting engine in terms of what you can do with it. Second I think there was a ludicrous amount of hype and expectations created for this game by the backers and they’re disappointed that what they thought the game would be like was not how it actually was.  Overall I do wonder if I would agree with the Kickstarter backers in terms of hating the final result but at the end of the day this was not something I backed.  Nor is it something I own as of yet.  But I do wonder if it’s a matter of being in the backers shoes so to speak or if there’s some misplaced hatred along the way.  Tell me what you think in the comments below.

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